Tips For Network Marketing Success | Do you have big dreams of scaling your business in the future? You can start now by taking small steps to success! Watch this video to learn exactly how to grow a multi-level marketing business!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Would you like to know how to grow a multi-level marketing business? Well, let me show you how.

My name is Ray Higdon and before I was a best-selling author, a coach, or a trainer, I was actually the number one income earner of a network marketing company and I want to share with you what it takes to create success in multi-level marketing.

So first I’m going to share with you the daily routine that I used to help me get to over fifty thousand dollars a month in less than seven months.

Next, I’m gonna share with you the biggest mistake that I made.

I actually would have created success even faster if I understood this and lastly, I’ll share with you the number one key to success in multi-level marketing and why so many people struggle with it.

So first what was this daily routine? Well, it just consisted of three things. Now if I had to add a fourth, people have asked me what would you do differently if you had to start over?

If I had to start over, the one thing that I would add to my routine, the only thing I would actually take meditation a lot more seriously. Started meditating maybe eight, ten months ago something like that and it has totally changed my life so that’s something I would definitely add but back then, didn’t know much about meditation, didn’t do it so that was not part of my original daily routine but these three things were.

Number one, I went for 20 no’s a day. Now, that may sound strange, weird, excessive, right, but I had read a book called Go for No and this was a you know it’s a terrible sounding book like who wants to go for no like give me yeses, man, but it actually makes a lot of sense. It helps you to overcome your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection.

So instead of being so worried about someone rejecting you or post-rejection, you being so you know sad and frowny face about it then it actually it helps you build those muscles and the whole concept is the more no’s that you get the more likely you are going toward a yes.

Now this doesn’t mean don’t improve your skills, of course improve your skills but at the end of the day, even the most skilled person, if they went for no’s and went after people that they didn’t know that they could get or not, they’d actually make more money too. And so I read this book and by the way, they’ve heard my story over the years and so we actually co-authored a book.

They reach out to me to co-author a book with them and we have a book together called Go for No for Network Marketing but I decided I’m going to get 20 no’s a day before my head hits a pillow and that was one of the key parts of my daily routine.

Number two, I hated prospecting so I decided I was going to do a video a day and I just figured in my head you know if I do a video a day,

man eventually these things will work, like eventually people will start seeing them and start reaching out to me and you know one of my good friends and one of my early mentors who has since passed away a couple years ago, Mark Hoverson, he said you want to have a routine that makes success inevitable.

So, what you do each and every day, could you tell that to someone and have them say yeah, that’ll work, right? I mean already we’re at 20 no’s a day in a video a day, doesn’t that kind of make success inevitable?

I really think it does and it did for me so I started with doing this video a day and by the way, I actually went for 11 years straight of doing at least a video a day without missing. Even on our honeymoon, we were in Fiji and it was amazing.

I would get up before my wife would wake up and I would shoot that video because I wanted to keep that streak going and so over 11 years, I did at least one video a day, some days more than one but at least one every single day. The third thing that I did was self-development every day.

Now I really needed it back then because I had lost it all in real estate, I was dead broke and personal foreclosure, being chased by bill collectors, I’d gone through a divorce, I was depressed like I did not feel good about myself, I didn’t have a high self-worth and it was tough, it was really tough for me in the beginning and so I had to do self-development

in the beginning because I was so broke, I was you know rereading Think and Grow Rich, I was watching YouTube videos but as I started to make money, I started really heavily investing in myself.

In fact 2013 was the last year I didn’t invest at least $100,000 in my education for the year.

Nowadays it’s multiple six figures a year, I’m hiring coaches, I’m attending masterminds, I’m buying courses, I’m going to events and obviously I couldn’t start that way but I just see as I make money like part of that should go back into improving myself, improving my skill sets.

Those are the three things that help me get to ten thousand a month in five months, fifty thousand a month in seven months and become the number one income earner of that company.

So with that being said, what was the big mistake I made? The big mistake I made was not understanding culture.

Now culture is a word that’s thrown around a lot and sometimes I’ll hear from a leader and they say you know what? My culture is really good but my retention needs improvement. Well actually your culture dictates your retainment, right? So your retention is based on your culture.

Those don’t make sense. Understand that culture drives retention and if you don’t have good retention, you also need to work on your culture for sure.

Now I’d heard this word thrown around and the definition that we created is culture is making people feel good

regardless of their level of desire or level of result. So if I come into your team and I decide you know what? I’m just not going to do much for the first six months, am I ostracized?

Am I pushed? Hey, get to work boy, right? Am I made fun of? Am I questioned like what are you even doing here and the reason I say this is because I made all these mistakes.

I used to get on a team call and say hey if you’re not prospecting 10 people a day, what’s wrong with you and you know like my five percenters and my rock stars would be like yeah, man that was fire but my team would decrease. I see people leave.

Hey where’d Theresa go? She was just here and so when you carry that my job is to get everyone pumped up as a leader, you’re actually making a mistake.

I want you to think more like the gym owner than the sales manager. Now how does a sales manager operate? Sales manager walks the floor and says hey Johnson get on the phone.

Man, you’re not producing enough, that’s the sales manager and the sales manager has to do that because let’s say that you have 10 sales reps and you’re in a small office, you’re paying a thousand bucks a month, you need each rep to at least generate 100 bucks in sales, right, for you to just keep the doors open.

Hopefully they generate more. Well, you’re in a situation where you don’t have that. In fact not only do you not have that but you have a virtual warehouse that could have hundreds of thousands of people and oh by the way, you don’t pay overhead, they pay you.

You could have 100,000 people in your organization like many of our clients and they pay you each time that they order a product, each time that they you know get their shipment, you’re getting paid whether they work or not and oh by the way, most of them don’t have big income dreams but if you sit there and you shake them and try to get them to have big income dreams, then you’re going to push them- you’re much more likely to push them out than to get them motivated and get them excited. So instead of the sales manager, think like the gym owner.

So let’s say I go to the gym and I go I get on the treadmill, I got my headband, I got my Beats by Dre, right? I go on the treadmill for four minutes, I’m like whoo, I’m whipped and so I go I take a picture for Instagram of course and you know post it. I post it by you know dumbbells, right, that I didn’t even lift like…

And so I get it up on the gram and then I go to leave. What does the gym owner say to me? You know maybe I stop before I leave and I go get a 2200 calorie peanut butter banana chocolate shake and I’m just slurping it down, I’m literally gaining pounds as I go every single gym session and I go to leave, what does a gym owner say?

So does the gym owner say hey boy, I didn’t see you doing any military presses. Get over there and get to work man. Hey lift your shirt, man. You didn’t lose any weight. No, he says way to kill it. Way to go, right? He or she is like say way to come in here, way to be consistent, brother. You got this.

They know I’m not losing weight if I did four minutes on the treadmill and got a 2200 peanut butter banana chocolate shake, right? They know I’m not losing weight but they’re acknowledging me for being part of it. They’re acknowledging me for showing up and they know that if I get serious,

what will I do? I’ll raise my hand, I’ll go to that desk and say you know what? I want to get in serious shape and they’ll say oh okay. Well I have a personal trainer, we have racquetball, we have CrossFit, we have dumbbells over there, right? They will point, guide and direct me based on my expressed level of desire.

Why doesn’t the gym owner- like should the gym owner care about my physique? Well yes but he also cares about my autoship. I mean membership. He wants me to continue paying and so if I’m going in there working out for four minutes, getting the 2200 peanut butter banana chocolate shake and gaining weight every time I go but I’m happy, who is he to judge?

Who is she to judge, right? They’re providing the service, I can do whatever I want with that service, they don’t have to tell me that I have to have six-pack abs or I have to go and compete for Mr. Olympia.

Think more like the gym owner, be accepting of people’s level of desire or their level of result, be accepting of how much work they want to do, don’t want to do and also be there that if they express they want to make it happen, be there to guide and direct them, tell them what to do, point them to the training, point them to an action step, give them homework, have them report back in.

And so culture was the big mistake that I made. I don’t know how many people I chased out of my team that would have still been there had I not turned the pressure up on them and so learn culture if you want to be more effective as a leader.

So, I’d love to hear from you what’s one breaking of culture thing that you’ve seen. Have you experienced someone that maybe made you feel bad because they were trying to push you too hard or you know did you push someone too hard? So I’d love to hear experiences. I do read every single comment, I

respond to every comment so I’d love to hear from you. So, lastly we’ll finish with the number one thing that you really have to embrace and that is consistency and if you have subscribed to this channel and you’ve watched my videos, you know I harp on this all the time but it’s the thing you need to be beaten up about, right, is being consistent.

If you want to improve your finances or hell, if you want to improve anything, your relationships, your physique, your mindset, anything, you have to learn to be consistent, you have to be willing to do the do on the days you don’t feel like doing the do and stop requiring yourself to feel like doing it.

You know many days I didn’t feel like doing a video, I didn’t feel like doing my routine, I didn’t feel like working out but I did them because I really wanted that result I really wanted to change my life, I wanted to live up to the vision of who I wanted to become and so you have to be willing to be consistent on the days that you don’t want to. Now what will stop you from that?

You may have heard me talk about this but the reason that people aren’t consistent is because they’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success. So if you had successful parents that ignored you, you may draw the conclusion that success means you don’t have a good relationship with your kid and because you were ignored, you will do anything to not become that.

So if you think well, success increases the chances I won’t have a great relationship with my kids so let’s just not have success and you will struggle with being consistent and you won’t know why and there are a lot of reasons that I’ve uncovered over the years of coaching people through this kind of process of you know why aren’t you consistent and we find out that it’s because of seeing their parents, maybe they succeeded and then failed and then they lost it all.

And so that fear of losing it all and being ridiculed publicly, that will keep some people from ever climbing the mountain, right?

You can’t fall off the mountain if you never climb it so you mean you don’t want to lose it, just never gain it and although no one would ever say that consciously, no one I’ve ever met says the reason I’m not successful is because I saw my parents fail and I never want to fail like them.

No, no, that’s a conclusion you draw on your subconscious and that shows up in your patterns, it shows up in how you act and how you react to life situations. This is one of those things that is just so, so important even if you’re doing just a little bit of effort but doing it every single day, you will improve, you will get results and you will get better.

Now if you need additional help, maybe you need help with figuring out what’s your programming, what happened to you as a kid that is preventing you from being consistent.

Well we have an amazing, amazing coaching program called inner circle and in inner circle, you actually get to work with a coach one-on-one, they hold you by the hand, they hop on the phone with you one-on-one time and help you to figure out what’s slowing you down and also of course what’s the most effective things for you to be doing to grow your network marketing business.

If you’d like to learn more about that, click the link and fill out the information and one of our amazing coaches will reach out to you. They’ll give you a free strategy session just to see where they can help you and you’ll get to determine if it’s a fit for you or not.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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