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Tips on Building your Network Marketing Business

building your network marketing business

Before I head out to see Blarney castle, wanted to help you with building your network marketing business.

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Catch up on Ireland…

It’s day three in Ireland with my pack of entrepreneur buddies and we are having a blast. Learning lots of history and visiting many a pub. If you want to follow our adventures just follow me on my personal page on Facebook here.

How to Start with Your Business

First you have to get business cards, at least three types. One all about the business opportunity, one all about the product and one all about you…OK, just kidding, you do NOT have to bother with business cards to get started, most people you ever hand them to would never bother calling you back so just forget I said that, was just kidding =)

To me the best thing to understand when you start with building your network marketing business is the two categories of building. The first is active prospecting. This is what your upline and company is BEGGING You to do which is reach out to your warm market or list and engage them in a conversation to see if they have interest in being a customer or a business builder with you. My suggestion on which to approach them with is to determine how they see you in THEIR mind. IF they see you as someone that has created success in the past or you are already a professional in some way in their eyes, almost any script will work so get to it. IF they see you as someone who has “tried a lot of these things” then they are already immune to your money message so definitely lead with the product. When I started the majority of my business was built through active prospecting. If you aren’t doing this basic activity as a network marketer then you might want to check out my Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint where I tell you what to say, how to say it and how to follow up.

10007423_758896244144602_341127452_nThe second category of building is passive marketing. Passive marketing is where you are doing something that you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to. This could be from a Facebook status, a blog, video, ad, banner, etc. This is a little bit tougher to learn and especially master but you can learn it over time and this can help you generate leads that WANT to talk to you. One system that teaches you this from scratch is EMP, you can learn more about EMP here.

The Truth about Building your Network Marketing Business

The biggest thing I hope you understand is there are multiple ways of building your network marketing business but the main thing to understand is it IS going to take WORK. My buddy shared with me a great analogy. Being a part of a network marketing business is like being a member of a gym. If you never show up to the gym (events) will you get in shape? The answer is no. If you DO show up to the events and don’t workout at all (prospect or show the presentation) will you get in shape? The answer is no. If you want to get ripped and in super shape (build a huge downline) will you get there if you just get to the gym (events) and workout for ten minutes a day (prospect 2 people a day), the answer is NO. If you want to build a HUGE team and a HUGE check, you need to get there, bust your ass and the only difference is you won’t have to work out hard as hell the rest of your life because network marketing has something called residual income that pays you on your workouts forever =)

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To Your Abundance!

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