Network Marketing SuccessIf you want to create network marketing success, you will need to know how to spend your time.

This post talks about how to balance your time between prospecting and spending time on Social Media, hope it helps!

THE Most Critical Concept around Network Marketing Success

The availability of time has little to do with whether you will create network marketing success or not.

I realize that ISN’T what part-timers want to hear. They want to hear how much easier it would be if they were only full-time but that just isn’t the case.

It is how you USE your available time that matters, having MORE time has little to do with creating success, it is ALL about how you use it.

On My periscope channel someone asked me how to balance time between MLM prospecting and working their social media and I answer it in the below video. IF you are serious about creating success, this video will help you and you can also share this with your teammates and friends to help them as well.

If you found this helpful, spend a few seconds to share this on social media then of course get back to prospecting!!

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