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Three Tips to Change Your Life

change your life

This post is a really powerful one IF you want to change your life for the better.

Apply any or all of these three tips and you WILL change your life in at least one area.

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Three Tips to Change Your Life

Tip 1: First let’s talk about your relationship (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc). My tip in this area is IF you aren’t seeing eye to eye with your significant other, maybe due to them not supporting your goals or dreams, instead of focusing on all the things wrong or all the ways you are different, shift your focus to what you gratitude you have for them. This may take some work! Think about what attracted you to them or things they have done for you in the past. Maybe they had your back when life was tough or maybe you feel more secure with them around. Do your best to come up with at LEAST ten things you are grateful for about your significant other and then write them down and read them every morning and every night before bed. If you are single, write down ten things you would LOVE to have in the perfect spouse.

Lesson: Changing your energy starts with being grateful for what you have.

Tip 2: Stop focusing on your results and instead focus on changing the habits that created those results. If you are in sales or network marketing, the reason you don’t have more signups is a combination of your skill level AND the number of people you have prospected. Instead of staying in the “woe is me” area of life, focus intently on the habits that created those results and work on your skill level while also connecting and prospecting with more people. If you don’t know where to find prospects, feel free to enter your name and email at the top right of this page to get my free audio called 29 sources of MLM leads.

Lesson: Staring at your results doesn’t help anyone, especially you.

Tip 3: Use downtime in a positive way and you WILL change your life. I see a lot of trainers tell you to turn off the TV and work, work, work until you reach your goals and the reality is MOST of us need our downtime to unwind. I am saying to enjoy some downtime but use it in a positive way. If we could just get 20% of people following this tip, we would not only help you change your life but help a lot of people too. Now, first of all, let me just say that in the past few years I have watched my fair share of movies and TV series like Dexter, Game of Thrones, etc but I am making a big shift in that and being more controlled on what invest my time in. Instead of watching mindless crime or reality TV shows, watch documentaries, training webinars, or something that is educational and positive. For an additional bonus, instead of watching these like a couch potato, get up and MOVE! Kick your legs, throw punches or do ANYTHING to get your body in movement. They say the average American spends four hours a day watching TV, what if we helped get SOME of those people watching educational pieces AND exercising while watching them? I believe the world would be fitter AND more positive.

Lesson: Use your time as best possible, even when resting.

You Seriously Can Change ANY Area of Your Life

One difference between winners and those who just never reach a level of success is how they view their world. Those who struggle tend to view their world as locked in and unchangeable. I am proof that you can change your life by simply focusing on what it is you want vs what you think you are stuck with or your current circumstances. Let’s spread this message of hope to more people that need to read this. Feel free to share and comment below IF you are with me!

To Your Abundance!

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