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Three Steps to
Get More Website Traffic

No matter what type of site you operate, in this post I will share how to get more website traffic and how I get over 2 million page views per month. (By the way, master how to get more traffic, you WILL get more leads too)

Online MLM Marketing

I focus on getting more website traffic for the network marketing niche, however, you can use the tactics in the below video and this post to get more traffic for any sort of site you are wanting to get more traffic to.

MLM marketing has allowed me to create a pretty awesome life, meeting awesome people and traveling the world so that is MY niche but again, you can use these tactics for whatever.

Simply, How to Get More Visitors

Ask yourself this question, SHOULD Google show your site in their search engine? Do you deserve more website traffic? I see far too many that spend so much time trying to game the system, scheme their way to get more traffic and totally miss the basics of how to get more visitors, it’s actually quite simple.

In the below video I share my website traffic stats as well as something cool, I share this months blog post that got the MOST traffic (2,600 unique visitors in one day). If you want to increase your website or blog traffic I would watch the video but let me give you a simple formula here:

Simply, if you want to know how to get more visitors, first, determine what type of visitors you WANT and then determine the things they struggle with and their problems, and solve them in a consistent and easy to follow way on your website. I prefer blogging as it’s easy to roll out new training and content but you can do this with a traditional website too.

Get More Blog and Website Traffic

Here are the simple three steps before you get to see the video on website traffic.

1. Determine who you want to visit your site (please don’t say anyone), for more info on how to do this, see my blog post on target marketing.

2. Determine what their problems are. For example, in my niche of network marketing, people struggle with leads, closing sales and gaining the mindset to become a top earner.

3. Consistently create content to solve the problems of your target market and voila, you now SHOULD get more traffic.

Video on My Website Traffic and Tips


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