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The Three Stages of Online MLM Marketing
Kept Secret From YOU!


The Three Stages of Online MLM Marketing will do 2 things. 1) It will ruffle the feathers of the online mlm marketing guru’s and it will also 2) Free new marketers from being trapped in disgust and frustration. This will explain to you exactly why you are being sold certain products and strategies that do not work for you and how the guru’s are not actually lying, they just, have forgotten what it is like in the beginning stages. Read on, if you are ready for ultimate clarity when it comes to online MLM marketing.

First, the Three stages of Online MLM Marketing

These are logical stages that anyone who will ever have success will go through. You cannot pass go and collect $200 by buying your way past one of these stages. Got $10,000 to put toward your marketing? You will go quicker through the stages but rest assured you will still go through the stages.

Stage 1: Suckville

This is where you start, suckville. The technology is frustrating. Stuff doesn’t work as advertised. No one picks up the phone to help you. You feel like you are working ten hours a day but at the end of the day have absolutely nothing to show for it. Your hands are greasy from pulling your hair. Your spouse thinks you are wasting your time and constantly asks condescending questions like “make your first million yet”? This stage sucks. You are NOT getting any leads and you are NOT making any commissions. No single product in our industry describes this stage as if it did explain the excruciating pain that you go through, only a sadist would buy the product.

Stage 2: Work

You thought stage 1 was work, it wasn’t. It was preparing to do work. Now that you have your blog, system, campaigns, whatever setup, you now have to populate those systems with content and value. Why would someone want to work with you? The amount of value you put into the marketplace will dictate your income. At this stage you start to get leads (you probably still are not good at closing them due to your confidence but you are at least getting them). You may even make a commission sale here and there, no more than 20 per week though. There is also no product out there that describes this stage either as who wants to work?

Stage 3: Gravy train

You’ve made it. You now have a powerful online presence. You have attended all the major events, made relationships with other leaders and you get your first person to ask for your autograph. You now have the option of working hard or not. You get commissions and sales every day now whether you log into the computer or not. You might outsource your leads and let your leaders call them instead of you doing all the work. You might decide to launch your own online product as so many people are asking you for one. Your value in the marketplace is immense as is your income. THIS is the stage that all products are sold from. Every product on the market today sells you on THIS stage and suggests that it can be a starting stage for you. It cannot. The guru’s have forgotten how hard they worked to get to this stage. The magical button that works for the guru’s will not work for you as no one knows you in stage 1 certainly and barely in stage 2.

Why am I telling you this?

It makes me nauseous when I see new online mlm marketers buy products or get fooled into thinking they can skip the beginning 2 stages and get instant traffic or leads. There are so many people that are “going broke trying to get rich quick”. Understand that online MLM marketing is a LONG TERM strategy. It is NOT like day trading where you dip into internet marketing, quickly profit and then dip back out.

So, what to do at the starting 2 stages?

In stage 1, you better be prospecting to supplement your income, working your warm market as the big problem here is hardly anyone makes it out of this stage as they lose their belief because they are working really hard and not making any money. Keep in mind that you are NOT addicted to stupid technology, you are wanting to simply take your kids to amusement parks whenever you want and have a great lifestyle. In stage 1, your income is key to focus on. Do not go broke watching webinars and reading ebooks. Prospect. Keep in mind you can prospect online.

In stage 2, do not let the pedal down. Keep working, you are so close to making crazy money and getting crazy results. Do not stray from your work and daily routine.

Are the Guru’s lying?

I honestly don’t think it is intentional. If they bought products from their now selves when they were new, they also would be frustrated. When you create a powerful online brand, it is true, sales are easy. But, until you do that, it ain’t gonna be easy. Don’t be hard on the guru’s, most of the stuff they offer is actually good but simply sold from a stage 3 type person to non stage 3’s. You can work your way through the three stages, I did and I know you can too.

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