Three Simple Success Tips That Helped me When I Started

Inside this post you will learn three simple success tips that helped me when I started out as an entrepreneur.

Watch the video, shot from outside Buckingham Palace in London, to learn the final success tip!

The First Two Success Tips

Success tips number one is realize that you cannot change your results, you can only change the habits that created those results. If you can “get that”, you have a chance at creating major success in your life.

You see, most people they stare at their bank account or their size of team and get sadface and depressed when what they really should look at, because they can do something about it, is the habits that created the lack of a team or the abysmal bank account.

One habit I highly recommend is improve yourself daily. This can be done through meditation, reading, getting to events, going through training products, etc. Make a set of habits that will dictate your results.

Success tips number two is everyone has down periods or things that happen that just flat out suck. Yesterday at lunch (see picture above) with my buddy and Internet marketing rockstar Shaqir, he shared that it is the length of time you allow yourself to stay downtrodden that will regulate your success or lack of. This means that EVERYONE gets the occasional punch in the face from life, the successful just pick them up faster than those that don’t create success. You will NOT reach a place where negative surprises avoid you, however, you can choose how you react to them.

Success tips number three is in the below video, this is something I did every single week when I started as an entrepreneur in real estate, make sure you watch and feel free to share!

Success Tip Three

Did those success tips help? Hope you got value, they are super simple but very few actually follow them. Feel free to share if you’d like!

To Your Abundance!

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