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Three MLM Recruiting Tips from Last Night

mlm recruiting tips

Last night in London we trained on MLM recruiting and prospecting to a sold out crowd and had a great time.

Today’s video I share three tips from the event that may help you get better results.

We Were Scared!

The reason we came to London is one of our teammates, Richard Matharoo, hit a goal we set for him to trigger us to come over and do some events for him and his team. When I started telling people we were going to London my friend Lisa Grossmann said I HAD to do a generic event for network marketers so we decided to put it together but to be honest, we were a little scared!

We didn’t know what the response would be and the room rentals in this area of London are far from cheap! But, we trusted the process and rented it anyway. I put up a video that was shot with me in a rental car in South Dakota and the tickets, to our amazement, started flying! Before we knew it we had sold more tickets than the room could even hold!

So yesterday morning I went over and rented the room across the hallway as we didn’t want to have to turn anyone away, needless to say, last night, BOTH rooms were standing room only and we are SOOOO grateful at the amazing reception we received from the amazing London crowd. Thank you to all who made it out and those that stayed with us till past midnight! It was a blast and we hope you got major benefit from the event for your business.

Inside the below video I share three MLM recruiting tips that I shared last night that will help you and your business.

Three MLM Recruiting Tips

At the end of the video I share a short clip from the event last night, that was ONE of the two rooms, super appreciate those that came out!

Did you get value from these tips? Please feel free to share and comment! It was such a blast training last night and excited to do one last event in London before we head off to Doncaster for a Saturday event, hope you have an amazing day!

To Your Abundance!

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