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Three Dudes That Got 28+
New MLM Leads in 6 Days


IF you are wanting to learn how to get more MLM leads, you are going to love this three interview post.

Listen to these short interviews to help you better understand little things you could be doing to get more leads.

So, I ran a contest…

Lately, I have been wanting to create more fun for my students and clients and have been running contests with them. Sometimes it’s a video challenge like we are in the middle of right now and sometimes it is a little different.

This challenge was Who could get the most cold market MLM leads OFFLINE in a 6 day period. I taught them EXACTLY what to say, how to follow up and what to watch out for and out of 200 people, the people in the below audios were the top three winners. All three winners got more than 28 MLM leads in a 6 day period, all for free, all people they didn’t know and all offline. Listen in if you want to learn some cool tips that might help you!

Offline? Really?

Hey listen, if you are KILLING it online, then sure, don’t worry about the offline but one thing to consider is just because YOU are doesn’t mean your team is. We ALL can do offline if we are taught the right way and even if you prefer online, I would highly suggest you teach your team the OPTION of doing offline. You are going to be at that networking meeting or restaurant anyway, why not find your next superstar?

Three Dudes that Got Lots of MLM Leads in 6 Days

First Place: Matthew Schneider

Second Place: Ramon Portuese

Third Place: Chris Carroll

Join the conversation! Which tip did you like best that any of the above three guys gave you? Also, imagine if one of these audios fire up your teammates to go get 28 leads, what would that mean to your business? Feel free to share this with them!

To Your Abundance!

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