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My Thoughts on the WakeUpNow Bankruptcy


The other day the Internet was a buzz with the announcement that a Network Marketing company called WakeUpNow was declaring bankruptcy.

Here are my thoughts on the matter, hope it helps.

My History with Wakeupnow

I was never a part of Wakeupnow and quite frankly, I know very little about the company compensation plan or how it operated as I tend to focus on what I am doing and now review other companies. I did however want to chime in on the bankruptcy they are going through and the public opinion on Social Media about Wakeupnow and what is happening.

An interesting tidbit about me and Wakeupnow is the Network Marketing company I AM a part of didn’t have the greatest relationship with Wakeupnow as some reps that were in the company I am in left to go to Wakeupnow and proceeded to bash the company I am a part of. I address this in the below video, feel free to watch and leave me your feedback on if you agree with me or not.

There is also a bonus training in the below video on my suggestions on how to pick the right company.

If you are looking for the Wake Up Now BBB, they currently are not credited with them according to this.

For information on Wake Up Now stick, Click Here, it also gives a Wake Up Now company profile.

My Opinion of the Wakeupnow Bankruptcy

Agree? Disagree? I hope that each category of person I addressed in the video considers what I said. Much love to ALL of you and feel free to join the conversation below and give me your feedback.

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