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Think and Grow Rich Secret that Changed My Life


More successful people than I can count say that their success was impacted by a Think and Grow rich secret they learned.

In today’s video, from Orlando, I share a Think and Grow Rich secret that changed my life!

My Past with Think and Grow Rich

I read think and grow rich when I was in my early 20’s and I used all of its power on my corporate career. I skyrocketed through corporate America getting positions that I, on paper, was not qualified for but got anyway through sheer determination, providing value and holding onto my vision.

Years later I read the book again but this time I was an entrepreneur in real estate and it again impacted my career in a major way.

It impacted me so much that I actually wrote a #1 best selling book on the topic and translated it into the world of network marketers. You can see the book here. NOTE: for still unknown reasons, Amazon only has this available in certain countries, apologies if it is not available in yours, however, I did do a full home study course that is available to everyone here.

Needless to say, this book has helped me in a LOT of areas. Today, I share a Think and Grow Rich secret that gets sometimes overlooked that I believe may really help you!

My Think and Grow Rich Secret

Was that helpful? Like I said in the video, IF you are at the same income it is typically because of ego and beliefs and you can work on both by following the advice in the video. Feel free to share this if you got value!

To Your Abundance!

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