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The Worst People to Talk To About Your
Network Marketing Business Opportunity

As a coach that helps people market their network marketing business opportunity, I see people working harder than they need to, all the time. During a call today I was sharing what I thought was common sense when it comes to prospecting but I realized that a lot of people make the same mistake with who they approach and why. I am going to share with you what I consider the worst type of people to approach when it comes to your network marketing business opportunity.

The People You Know That Need It

It is a shame that this economy is claiming the financial lives of so many retirement and savings account. The number of dollars lost in retirement and savings accounts is astronomical. There has never been a time in history where more people needed a low risk, work from home way to make additional money. However, those people you know, that have been beaten down the hardest, are the least likely to be open to a network marketing business opportunity.

When life has beaten you down so much, and you are surrounded with media everywhere telling you how bad things are and surrounded by reality TV and gossip rags telling you how bad people are, things start to alter who you truly are. Do these people need help? Of course they do. But they are the hardest to help as they have created a layer of cynicism and skepticism that coats their real personality. I have personally watched on in horror while friends of mine have gone down in financial flames while remaining “too cool” to even look at my network marketing business opportunity.

People With Less Social Connections Than You

If you dislike duplication and enjoy challenges, recruit people that have fewer social connections than you do. Sometimes the worst thing you can actually do is recruit someone. Stop looking at this business as a one time bonus business and start looking at what it really is, a way to leverage your time. You get paid on the time and efforts of yourself and others, so, if that was the case, don’t you want the best “others” on your team? Just because you feel comfortable pitching the person that is NOT as socially connected as you does not mean it is the best use of your time.

Deal With Those That Have The Most Open Minds

Are you being asked if its a pyramid? Are you being told that it’s a ponzi scheme? Are people telling you that it is a scam? If you are getting those questions on a regular basis, you are dealing with the wrong crowd. The wealthier and more successful people are, the less they have the need to steal other people’s dreams. You see, you don’t need a script to talk to open minded people, they are already open minded. Professionals and well connected people don’t like making others feel like garbage so they are actually easier to approach than our broke friends. And, they are the type of people you want to surround yourself with anyway.

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