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Do you really understand your warm market and how they see you?

Here is an in-depth training on the Dos and Don’ts of prospecting your warm market.

The Three Types of Warm Market Prospects in Network Marketing

What is your warm market?

Warm Market: is people that know you.

There are three main types of warm market.

Not that they are the only types, but three main types.

And what’s really important is for you to identify that it isn’t actually the warm market …

When it comes to network marketing and your warm market, it isn’t who they are. It’s how they see you.

How Does Your Warm Market See You?

So, how does your warm market see you?

I’m going to give you three scenarios in order of most common to least common and kind of tell you what to do here and what not to do.

Scenario #1

Scenario number one, which I’m going to say is the most common.

So, scenario number one .. They see you as a normal person.

Scenario number one, which I think is most common, they like you and are cool with you.

They don’t see you as a business person, like you’re always talking about Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, you’re not discussing the latest Shark Tank episode. They just don’t really see you in that light.

Scenario #2

Now this scenario number two, which I’m saying is the second most common in network marketing.

Scenario number two, they see you as a flaky network marketer.

Your warm market, they see you as “Oh, here they come…”

You’ve pitched them lots of different things so they have seen you pitch them, you know, shampoo, juice, soap, haircare. They’ve seen you pitching all kinds of different stuff, and they’re immune to your money message.

Now if you’re new to network marketing you’re like what? “What are you talking about bro? Why would they be burned out from me, because you haven’t pitched them a bunch of stuff?”

So, when I was reaching out to my warm market, some of them said to my face … “Well how long are you going to be with this one?” I’m like, “You’re supposed to say that behind my back.” So I call this the burnt market, burnt.

Scenario #3

Scenario number three, which I think is the least common …

The third, which is the least common, they look up to you.

Pick Your Scenario

Which do you feel best represents your warm market?

Now I’m not talking your teammates. I’m talking about those not in your organization, those not buying products from you.

I’m talking about the people that know you and aren’t in your organization.

Do they mainly they like you but they don’t really see you as an entrepreneur? Do they only see you as a business person. Or do they look up to you?

On average, network marketing organizations are made up of:

Scenario #1  (They Like You) 50% +

Scenario #2 (See You as a Business Person) 25 to 40%

Scenario #3 (Look up to you) 5 to 9%

What scenario do you resonate with? Where do you feel that most of your warm market is?

In the video below I share what to DO and NOT To Do, based on these 3 scenarios. A lot of leaders make the mistake of not leveraging this system. Check it out in the video below.

Did you find that helpful?

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