Do you want to help more charities or causes you believe in?

Here my wife and business parter Jessica Higdon shares the single most important mindset shift to make.

The Single Most Important Money Mindset Shift To Have a Massive Impact

Here is a training my wife and business parter, Jessica Higdon, gave to Rank Makers.

It was so powerful, that we had many requests to share it. So, here it is!

If you want to make a massive impact and help others, here’s the single most important shift to make.

Raising Money For Charity

In Rank Makers we have Wealth Wednesday, where we focus on giving back.

A lot of us know we should give more, but there’s no meaning attached to it. But we never really see the fruits of that giving, whether it’s time or money. We do it because we feel like, “Hey, this’ll probably come back to me. Also, it makes me feel good to do it.”

We had a Higdon Group event back in February. We made it very intimate. We only sold 150 seats, plus our clients. There was about 200 people in the room.

We brought together such amazing people that donated their time and their coaching expertise.

Together we raised over $95,000 dollars for March of Dimes!

Which was amazing.

I have to say that, after doing that, it made me feel really good. I was really grateful that we have such an amazing community that comes together to do that. It didn’t really sink in.

Usually, you never really get to see what they’re gonna do with that money.

Often times, when you raise money for a charity often times it just kinda goes into the charity bin and they’re like, “Oh, thank you very much.” That’s that.

Our Donations

However, the director of the March of Dimes, he reached out to me to show us what the money was doing.

It’s at our local children’s hospital. They’ve created this nurse’s program that train NICU and PICU, pediatric intensive care unit, nurses on how to be culturally sound and how to treat the families when they’re going through the most devastating possible thing that could ever happen in their lives.

Because what a lot of hospitals have seen is parents go in, they’re in crisis mode. They’re not themselves, they’re, again, going through the worst possible thing they could ever go through ever. And a lot of the times the nurses or the doctors they say something, they intend something. It comes out differently.

Then the parents interpret it as, “You don’t care about me. This hospital is terrible. My child’s life’s on the line.” They freak out. It’s the worst experience they’ve ever had.

All of you who donated on livestream from that event, and all of the people who came together in the room who donated their time and their money and some large amounts of it, what you have done is you have created a program that is now going to be in hospitals training NICU and PICU nurses about culture.

How amazing is that?

Unbelievable to see those dollars at work.

Your Money Mindset

A lot of you may look at that and say, “Wow. That’s amazing. Good for you. I could never do anything like that.”

Well, I know rank makers don’t think that, because you’re rank makers.

You may look at that experience and say, “Wow. That’s amazing,” but it’s a little untouchable for you at this moment in time.

Or, you feel like, “Man, I don’t know if I could ever get there.”

I looked at that experience and the one thing that went into my mind was, “Wow. Money is great. Money is amazing. Money can do unbelievable things.”

This may seem a little odd to say, especially in our society that looks so down upon money for some strange reason. But all it takes for you to create something like that and change the world is a little bit of money.

When you look at money, you might say to yourself, “Money’s hard to get.”

Whether you know that’s the right attitude or not to have, you say to yourself, “Money’s hard to achieve.”

The truth is, money is very easy to achieve if you have the right steps and if you have the attitude of, “Money is fantastic and great and it’s easy to achieve.”

That’s really all you need.

Build Your Business

This whole experience that we’ve had building this business, the ups, the downs, the frustration, the time away from family at times, the travel…

And I look at our life now and what we were able to create with this program, it literally brings chills to me.

It goes to show that everything happens for a reason, everything.

You have to look at your life and what you’re doing right now and you have to say to yourself, “This is not just for me. This is for 10 or 11 years down the road when I’m crushing it and I’m killing it in my business and I’m able to create something like this, that is literally gonna change the world, literally gonna change the hospital system for the better.”

It’s absolutely possible if you look at money as something that’s easy to achieve, not hard to achieve.

All you have to do is put in the work. That’s it.

Our society, it likes to make us believe that work is a bad thing or that it’s hard. Work doesn’t have to be hard.

You know what’s hard? Going into the NICU, working with parents every day. Being those parents with their kids in the NICU or the PICU, that’s hard.

What we do, yeah, it’s work, but it’s not hard guys. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it’s not hard. It’s work. There’s a difference.

It’s simple work each and every day.

Money Mindset

Start looking at money as something easy to achieve, something fantastic and amazing that helps people.

Your action step today is to go do some research and write down, “If I had ________ amount of money,” pick whatever amount of money that is for you.

“If I had a million dollars, 10 million dollars, a billion dollars, this is what I would do with it.”

I want you to do a little research and find some cause you believe in.

This should take you two minutes. Just find some cause that resonates with you and that you feel, “You know what? I could make a difference with this.”

When you’re 10 years from now, we want nothing more for you than to look back and say, “I’m so glad that I put in the work each and every day for these past 10 years because I’ve been able to do amazing things and I’ve been able to change my life and the lives of literally millions of people, and maybe a whole country.”

Okay. Just write it down.

The power in this is not only that you start thinking about what would be that thing. What would be that one thing to really tie it to making a difference, not just one thing that goes in one ear and out the other, but really tie it to making a difference. You feel that, the law of reciprocity does kick in. When you start playing bigger and you start playing for more than just yourself, the law of reciprocity does kick in. You start to see things show up for you that maybe didn’t show up before.

Also, that exercise with money is very powerful.

See, if you don’t know what you’re gonna do with a million dollars, the universe isn’t gonna give it to you.

[mashtweet tweet=”If you don’t know what you’re gonna do with a million dollars, the universe isn’t gonna give it to you. ” quote=”If you don’t know what you’re gonna do with a million dollars, the universe isn’t gonna give it to you.”]

Set A Donation Goal

You wanna get really specific. How much? Would it be $150,000? How much would you invest? Would it be $500,000? How much would you spend on yourself?

Would it be $10,000, $20,000, $50,000? I want you to get really specific.

Also, I want you to pick a specific cause, so not just kids who suffer with abuse, maybe it’s Operation Underground Railroad. Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that helps kids who are being sex trafficked.

Pick a specific organization and think about, “What is the long term impact I’d like to have on that?” Make that your long term goal.

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