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The Real Secret of
Multiple Income Streams


It is popular to hear people talk about multiple income streams and I’ve been fortunate to create them, however, there is a secret that most miss that has helped ALL of my businesses. Watch the short video to see what I mean

The 3 Categories of Multiple Streams of Income

There are three categories when it comes to multiple income streams, they and their definition are:

1. Supportive. This means no one income stream conflicts with another. They are actually feed off each other and help each income stream.

2. Non-competing. This is where you may make money from somewhere else that doesn’t hurt your other income streams but also doesn’t impact them in a negative fashion.

3. Competing. This is where one stream clearly conflicts and actually hurts one of your other income streams. This would be like if you worked for a car lot and you worked a different car lot on weekends. You just might funnel customers from one to the other thereby, competing with your own income stream.

My Multiple Income Streams

Since I learned of multiple income streams, I loved the idea. However, in the beginning I did not understand the 3 categories and their importance so I thought I had to just be in a bunch of MLM’s that in my mind the PRODUCT didn’t conflict but the business aspect does. IF you are trying to build more than one MLM, know that I have only see one person in my life do this successfully, and by successfully I mean make multiple 6 figures in more than one at a time.

You see, I thought, years ago, that the goal was to try to sell everyone I met, something. LOL. Like I had an MLM trenchcoat on with all these crazy products to try to get someone to buy something all the time. The truth is, if you are congruent, and you do what I have done the last 3 years, you can make several hundred thousand in multiple streams without ever COMPETING with one stream. This may shake some people up or even piss some people off, but hey, it’s my blog! LOL and my opinion.

Video: Truth in Creating Multiple Income Streams


My advice: If you want to create a long term career in this industry, create multiple income streams of the first two categories.

To Your Abundance!

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