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The Power of Your Words


There’s good news and bad news in regards to the power of your words and today’s video. Pay close attention as you may just be able to totally change your life by changing your tongue!

Sometimes the very worst enemy…is us…

Speaking Things into Existence

Every waking hour, YOU are speaking things into existence. You are crafting your world around you at every word that comes out of your mouth. This SHOULD be good news! In fact, at first inspection, you are probably thinking, awesome, I am a super positive person and this is great news…but is it?

My Wife is Smarter than Me

HigdonVIP--273aYes, in case there was any question of that. So, we are at a VERY busy time in our business and we have a LOT going on and the other day Jess looks at me and says “You need to chill out”. I asked, what do you mean? She says do you realize what you keep saying? Apparently I had been saying “I am stressed” multiple times a day and guess what, I was!

Mind your Tongue, Mind your Income and your Mental Health

Be very, very careful of ANYTHING you attach to the sacred words “I am”, whatever follows that phrase is being crafted in your existence. The power of your words is incomprehensible and you should ONLY speak into existence the things you actually WANT in your life.

Here are the top phrases that are CRUSHING network marketers and they don’t even realize. The power of words will KEEP things in the state that you currently see them so stop saying these non-serving phrases:

1. I am confused

2. I am overwhelmed

Are you saying either of those statements? If so, understanding the power of your words may help you stop that non-serving habit. =)

Video: The Power of Your Words


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To Your Abundance!

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