The Official Numis Network Review

Welcome to the official Numis Network review where a REAL, experienced network marketer reviews this company and shares with you the goods. Here you will find an honest Numis Network Review, checking their facts and claims as well as the things Numis Network won’t tell you.

The Product of Numis Network Review

The product that Numis Network deals in are government issued, graded, gold and silver coins. They deal in government minted coins from around the world that have been graded by a coin grading company. Their main grading company is ANACS but they also stock NGC and PCGS graded coins. ANACS it the oldest coin grading company but NGC and PCGS have a more established position with collectors. They also recently started carrying PCGS certified bullion rolls.

The Founders of Numis Network Review

No Numis Network Review would be complete without talking about the founders and partner Mike Mezack. Mike Mezack, is NOT a founder but is a great asset and a strategic partner of Numis Network. Mike has been selling collectible graded coins for 20 years on television programs such as HSN (home shopping network). He has sold over 1 billion on collectible graded coins.

Ian Cordell and Chris Kent grew up together in Plant City, Florida and have been in the network marketing industry for 20 years. Most impressively, the last ten years, they have owned a company called IDSTC, which is a software company for network marketing. They have created the software and compensation plans for over 400 other mlm companies. One reason that Ian and Chris decided to start a company dealing in collectible coins, which, had never been done before, was so they would NOT conflict with their existing IDSTC clients.

Jake Kevorkian, who, I have verified is NOT related to the late Dr Jack…has also been in network marketing for 20 years. He was the #1 income earner in a health and wellness company called Vaxa where he then went on to become the owner and president. He sold his ownership to his partners in 2007. Jake, it should be noted, was the subject of a chapter in Rod Cook’s book on mlm distributor rights on how well he treated the distributors at Vaxa after having problems with the prior owners.

The Compensation Plan of Numis Network Review

Probably the biggest question people have with a numis network review is “How is the Numis Network Compensation plan?”. It is an interesting one. The Numis Network compensation plan is a binary with coded bonuses.

Most people actually don’t like binary plans. The reason is that most binary compensation plans only pay you off your lesser leg. This is really a terrible idea if you are a rep that is forced to build both legs. However, don’t judge Numis Network’s compensation plan so quickly. Yes, they are a binary compensation plan however, they have cracked the code in payout with the introduction of a coded bonus to a binary.

In an old-school binary, if you had someone doing really well on your BIG leg, you would lose all those potential bonuses. In reading this numis network review you will come to understand that they pay out on both legs with their coded bonuses. This, to my knowledge, has never been done in a compensation plan before.

My Conclusion to the Numis Network Review

I originally reviewed Numis Network back in July of 2009 and after my review, I decided to join the company. I have since become the top numis earner and have become the company’s first, and currently only, 6 star. Here are some common objections I have heard and some resources that complete this numis network review:

Should you bother even buying collectible coins?

Are Numis Coins Overpriced?

Numis Network Overview

Why Not Just Buy Bullion?

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