Want to start doing facebook lives for your network marketing business?

Here is the do’s and don’ts of Facebook Lives and how to build a massive following.

The First Thing to Do When Starting Live Videos For Network Marketing

1. What To Talk About?

The first question about live videos is, “What to talk about?”

I would recommend talking about how to solve of a problem.

The Hook

Nobody thinks this way by the way, but here’s how you should think. I want you to start pretending that the person that clicked on your Facebook Live is considering watching it, but they’re either chasing kids doing laundry, they’re running around the house like crazy, they’ve got to catch a plane, or they’ve got to jump in the car to head to a dentist appointment.

I want you to start pretending like every person that ever comes on your Facebook Live is busy. You have to hook them.

Ask yourself, “What hooks you?”

If you click on a Facebook Live and they’re like, “Hello. Today I’m going to share pictures of past breakfasts I’ve enjoyed over the years. So, stick around and we’ll be talking about some of the breakfasts that just going down memory lane of breakfasts.”

You’re probably going to be like, “Uh. Why do I want to hear that?”

If I say, “Hey guys. I’m going to share with you seven tips on how to recruit more people on social media.”

You’re going to stick around.

If you’re like, “Hey guys. I’m going to share with you a four-day meal plan that’s going to have you drop pounds off that muffin top. It’s going to be amazing.”

Well, if you’re looking for that kind of information, you’re hooked. I just fish hooked you.

That first part should be what are you going to talk about. Why should people stick around and why should they consider?

They’re sitting in the airport, they just called Zone 2. They see that they’re Zone 3, but they’re watching your Facebook Live, and they’re like, “Oh my God. I’m Zone 3. They’re about to call me, but there’s Facebook Live.”

What is going to consider them getting a different plane?

Nobody thinks like this, but if you do, you will become a much better marketer.

2. Acknowledge People

If you have people that hop on, acknowledge them.

These are your most loyal people.

I’m not saying go 15 minutes acknowledging people. I’m not saying, “Hey Brian. Brian you’ve been working out. Way to go buddy. What are you doing on Tuesday?”

I’m not saying taking 15 minutes, but acknowledge and love on people that get on your Lives because those are your most fervent people.

3. Love Your Current Following

Well, let me tell you how most marketers think, and they really shouldn’t…

Most marketers are like, “Hey. I’ve got to get new people on my Lives man. I’ve got to get new people. Okay, I’ve got these people. I’ve got to focus on new.”

That’s how most marketers think, and that’s how I used to think years and years and years ago.

What I found is love on these people that as you build a following.

Guess what?  New people then will want in. “Hey. Man, he really takes care of his people over there. Let me go over there man.”

Here’s what happens if you don’t. As you build a following, and you’re like, “Okay. I got them. Good. Let me get new bro. Let me get new bro. I’ve got to get the new bros. I’ve got them already.” Guess what happens? They start to feel neglected. They start to disappear.

You won’t notice. Most marketers wouldn’t notice because they don’t pay attention to the loyal people. Mary disappears. Tony’s gone.

Don’t just acquire.  Yes, you want new people. We always want more people. But, love on your existing people.


Did you find that helpful?

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