I’m going to share the fastest path to success in network marketing.

First I’m going to share with you the daily routine that I used to become the number one income earner in the company. Next I’m going to share with you the three elements that really dictate your numbers in network marketing. Lastly, I’m going to share with you how to increase the speed of success in your business.

One thing that I’ll caution you about is when you’re looking for fast, make sure that you’re really looking long-term at the network marketing business. A lot of people come and go in this industry. A lot of people, they have big high hopes, they have big goals but they’re so addicted to getting there quickly that they can get knocked out of the game….in a game they would have won. I could look at my story and I could say that I failed in a dozen different network marketing companies or I could say that I had a dozen different network marketing companies provide me with lessons to become the number one income earner in the 13th company I joined. See how that rings a little differently? I really believe that (I know that we are going to talk a lot about speed today) you either succeed or you quit. This is something that if you keep showing up to you will make work and I hope this post helps you along the way.

First the daily routine that made me a top earner.

It really boils down to three things. Really simple. Simple, not easy. First, I read a book called Go for No and that sounds like a terrible book, doesn’t it? I want yes’s. If this post was the slowest path of success in network marketing, you probably wouldn’t be watching it. Go for No sounds like ew, gross no’s. Well the power of that book is it helps you reduce your resistance to rejection. Meaning you’re not so scared to talk to people or not so scared to prospect people or your reaction to rejection. When your best friend tells you no, you’re not eating ice cream the next two days. It really helps you build that muscle of being okay with getting rejected. It’s not a big deal. I mean you’ve heard this from every major inventor, you’ve heard it from every major author. Example, I think it was 73 publishers rejected Harry Potter. Anyone of success has gone through rejection, what makes you so special? Why shouldn’t you?

The Go for No concept helps you build that muscle to see that it’s really not that big of a deal and no’s you can control, you can’t control the yeses. I don’t know how many yes’s I’m going to get in any given day or any given week but I can control my no’s by simply reaching out to more people. When I read that book, I’m like okay what would make success inevitable? If I went for 20 no’s a day, man someone’s got to say yes someday. Somewhere something’s going to happen. I decided I was going to go for 20 no’s a day. The first six months of my business I went for 20 no’s every single day, that was the first thing that was part of my daily routine.

The second thing is I hated prospecting, didn’t like it. I don’t know what what you may think. Maybe you think that anyone of success just loved the process, I didn’t love the process. I hated it, I thought it sucked. I wanted to create a way for people to reach out to me and so I started doing a video a day. I did a video day believe it or not for over 12 years without missing a day because I’m crazy. I would do a video a day and the first four months hardly anything, just crickets, nothing was happening but I started to attract some people started to attract some more people and now we have generated over 400,000 leads from our videos over the last 10, 13 years. Doing that video a day was the second part of my routine.

The third thing was self-development. Now in the beginning when I got started and got serious about network marketing, I had lost it all in the real estate market. I was broke, I was in foreclosure, was not in any kind of good place. I had gone through a divorce. Really didn’t know what else I could do other than building a network marketing business. My back was against the wall. I had to do self-development to keep my sanity. Back then I couldn’t afford fancy courses, I couldn’t afford coaches or masterminds or anything like that and so I would just re-read Think and Grow Rich, I would watch YouTube videos. Once I started making money though I wanted to speed things up and I did start buying courses, hiring coaches…et cetera. Those are the three things that had me at ten thousand a month in five months, forty thousand a month in seven months, fifty thousand a month in ten months and I went on to become the number one income earner of that company. That’s something that if done today, you could build a very serious business if you follow that exact same routine.

What are the three elements that dictate your numbers?

These are so important for people to understand, because most people in network marketing have never been in a sales performance kind of job. I have, I have been a mortgage broker, a sales speaker, I have gone door-to-door selling advertising…I have had to deal with performance-based jobs a lot in my different careers. Network marketing isn’t (believe it or not) magical or mystical. There are some common elements to every other type of performance based job. For example if you’re a realtor. You get your license and you hide all your real estate signs in your garage and you never pass out a real estate card and never tell anyone then you’re not going to make any money. It’s not magical or mystical either. Same thing with network marketing.

The first element I’m going to talk about is pipeline.

Pipeline is how many people do you talk to, how many people do you reach out to, how many people you follow up with, how many appointments are you setting, how many presentations are you sending, how many samples (if that’s part of your business model) are you sending? It’s your numbers. When I was doing mortgages, we had a whiteboard and it had the last name of the person I was working with and where their loan was at….Is it an underwriting, is it approved, are we in the document gathering stage? Each loan had a name and was a number in my pipeline. Your pipeline is one of the main things that dictates your numbers in network marketing. No big pipeline and you combine that with not very good skills, you’re probably not going to make money. You need to be constantly increasing your pipeline and increasing the number of people that you’re reaching out to, following up with et cetera. If you don’t do that then you’re probably not going to make money. It’s not magical or mystical, it’s just like any other kind of performance based career.

The second part is posture. Now this is especially important in network marketing, arguably more important than almost any other kind of performance career because here in the United States. Not so much in other countries (all throughout Asia, network marketing is actually a very revered career). In the United States, there’s a stigma and some people just don’t like network marketing, they think it’s a pyramid, a scheme or whatever. So you really have to have posture. Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. Are you easily influenced by the opinions of others? If someone tells you those things don’t work, are you quick to defend and spend an hour trying to argue with them or do you just say cool, bro. All right not for you because that’s how I handle that type of situation. Posture is how do you hold yourself in conversations? Are you easily swayed by the opinions of others? I have found that the best recruiters in all of network marketing are extremely postured. They are not affected by negativity, they’re just not. They also don’t need everyone to agree with them, accept of them or approve of them. Get more into that.

The third part is position. This is important in any kind of performance-based career but position is recognizing where is the prospect, where are they? If you’re going to a friend without any information and saying, “hey, you would be great at this, you should totally do this, it’s going to be awesome and we can rock it out together. Here’s my link to sign up, what credit card are you using?” Well that’s making a lot of assumptions on someone you have no idea if they’re even open to the idea. You’re trying to sell out of position. In the absence of information, the person is at position zero. You don’t know if they’re open to learn anymore, you don’t know anything about them. They don’t know if they want to buy, you don’t know if they’re wanting to lose weight, you don’t know anything about what they want. You have to have everyone at position zero in the absence of information.

If you think about the word spam. Spam is assuming the position of the prospect without any evidence. Don’t assume, Ask. Hey I’m doing this thing, I don’t know if it’s a fit for you or not but would you open to learning more about it?” or a little bit more postured would be “hey I’m going to do this thing with or without you. I would love to do it with you. Would you be open to learning more and if not, totally cool.” That’s a little bit more posture there but notice it was still nice. I said hey I’m going to do it with or without you but I would love to do it with you. Still nice, a little bit more postured though. Not understanding position is one of the sources of low close rates and frustration. You’re like how come these people aren’t moving forward? Well if you understood position, you would know they were never open anyway. You wouldn’t be frustrated at the eskimo that doesn’t want to buy your ice. You would be like well of course not….he’s not open to purchasing ice because he has plenty. Knowing the position is very key and will really dictate your numbers. Those three things: pipeline, posture, position.

One thing before we get to my last point.

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What is this speed factor?

The speed factor is your mindset. Now that may sound strange. You would think the speed factor is increase your pipeline. That’s a good idea too. What I’ve found and I have seen is people that work really hard and have a lot of numbers but they have a terrible mindset, they will get fewer results than the person that has the great mindset that does less. I’m not encouraging you to do less but I am encouraging you to increase your mindset. So perspective is the final P. Remember I mentioned pipeline, posture, position. Well perspective is actually the fourth P of the four P’s.

Perspective is where do you spend the majority of your time in your mind. Are you focused and noticing all the things in your life that you don’t want? Are you focused and sharing and noticing and journaling and social media tweeting? Are you talking about all the things you don’t want in your life then that’s what you get more of. You’re going to get more of wherever your energy is and most specifically at any time what you wish for….”the feeling and emotions you carry are in conflict, the feeling and emotions will be the victor,” that’s a quote from Neville Goddard. We don’t get what we want, we get what we are. If we are the person that is constantly complaining about traffic or the coffee sucks or my spouse doesn’t support me, if we’re constantly focused on all the things that we don’t want, you just simply get more of what you don’t want, that’s how it works. You need to focus on things that you actually do want and in a very specific way of feeling as if you already have those things. Now, I go into much much deeper depth on this particular topic all throughout this blog and our YouTube channel so I won’t go super in depth.

The key is where do you spend the majority of your time. I’m not talking about doing two minutes of affirmations in the morning and then complaining for the next eight hours. You’re going to get more of what you complain about and so spend more time with memories of your future than your current present or memories of your past.

Would you like a jump start?

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