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Do you want to get results in network marketing?

Here I explain what types of goals to set in network marketing and how to hit them.

The Difference Between MLM Activity Goals and Result Goals

Activity goals are different than result goals.

I talk about habits lead to results, and results occur based on your habits. But, a lot of people are so focused on results that they’ve kind of lost sight of the definition of results.

Results of a cake are based on the ingredients you put into them. Well, the results in your business are based on the ingredients you put into them, which is your habits.

Set Your Goals

Today is the day that you set your activity goals for the week.

Now, I want you to have humongous goals. If you want to take your entire family to Italy one day, if you want to buy a yacht, if you want to rent an island, ect. You know, you want to rent one of those VIP rooms at the top of Times Square for New Year’s, then, awesome! Probably not going to happen this week. So, have humongous goals, I’m a big fan of that. But just don’t set unrealistic goals for this week.

You know, goals that you can control, and those are activity goals.

The book called The Five Disciplines of Execution describes there are lead goals, and there are lag goals.

Lead goals are your activity goals or your habits.

Lag goals are your results.

So it’s different, okay.

The Five Disciplines of Execution, it’s a great book. It’s more of a business book than a network marketing book.

So, a lead goal would be, “I’m going to reach out to x number of people.” Because that is something you can control.

A lag goal is, you have a results goal, like, “I want to be crowned double diamond. I want to be the purple unicorn in my comp plan.”

A lag goal that happens based on your lead goals. Based on the accomplishment, you doing the work.

Why Set Goals?

In 1979, the Harvard MBA program did a study on goals of the 1979 graduating Harvard MBA class.

84% of them didn’t write down goals. They didn’t write goals at all.

13%, wrote down goals, but didn’t have a concrete plan.

3% wrote down their goals and had a plan.

They reviewed it ten years later. Ten years later, they checked in with those graduates.

The 13% that just wrote down the goals and didn’t have a plan, were out-earning the 84% by double. Just by writing goals. That’s all they did.

Now, the 3%, the 3% that wrote down their goals and had a plan, were earning ten times more than the 97%, all of them. TEN times more!

And so, the reason I bring that up to you is, you already have a plan. And you may not think so.

You may think, “Well, Ray, I don’t know exactly how to reach my blah blah blah,” right? Because you’re overcomplicating it.

You have a plan.

So I want you to think about an entrepreneur. Like, someone goes through Harvard MBA and they’re like, “I don’t know, I want to be wealthy, but I don’t have an exact plan.” Well, what are they going to come up with? An invention? Are they going to come up with a new way to process credit cards? Are they going to come up with a new way of technology? Are they going to roll out a new app? What are they going to do?

What To Do?

So I want you to understand the difference between what you view as a plan, “Well, Ray, I need to know exactly what ……” right?

You have the bones, you have the infrastructure. If you speak to human beings and you see if they’re open to your product, service, or opportunity, you get checks. If you keep doing that, and who knows how long it’ll take you, but you have a plan.

You don’t have to invent anything, you don’t have to learn supply chain conversion or currency conversion or human resources, how to do an order chart. You don’t have to write checks, you don’t have to invent anything, you don’t have to come up with the logo on the outside of the box. You don’t have to ship anything, most likely, unless you’re doing samples.

You just gotta see, “Hey, human being, are you open to my product, service, or opportunity?” That’s all you gotta do.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

“Well, should I be branded, Ray?” Or, “Shouldn’t I have a tag line or a logo or a brand mark?”

We overcomplicate it, but you have a plan. You have a plan. You got a comp plan, you got a product or a service, you got a way to communicate to other human beings.

So, you have a plan, unlike that entrepreneur that’s like, “I don’t know, man … I want to be my own boss, but I don’t know, I guess I’m going to have to study Shark Tank and come up with that new perfume spraying belt buckle.” And so, you have a plan. Now you might not think so, because you like to overthink it and overcomplicate it.

There’s so much comfort in over complication, there’s just no results.

But again, the 3% who had a plan and wrote down their goals, you already have a plan, you already got a plan. Believe me, you do. You got a plan.

So, will you write down your goals? Because if you do that, you’ll make ten times what those who don’t have either will do.

You know how many people out there that you’ve run into, I’m talking about Harvard MBAs, Harvard MBAs, which means they spent probably around $200,000, probably a little bit more. $200,000 and yet, 84% of they don’t even write down their goals. Silliness.

So, write down your goals. You’ll at least double what you could have done, but you have a plan, so you’ll actually ten times it.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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