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The Danger of MLM Marketing Online


How much should you really promote MLM marketing online as, let’s face it, it is not nearly as duplicatible as the traditional methods of Network Marketing like talking to friends and family, etc. This post addresses the danger and offers suggestions to do it the right way.

How MLM Marketing Online Can Ruin Your Chances if Done Wrong

Maybe you are reading this post and thinking, has Ray lost his mind?!? What the heck is he talking about, he does online MLM, why is he bashing it? Well, let me clarify, IN MY OPINION, there are right ways and wrong ways to conduct MLM marketing online. And, what I see, more than anything else, is the wrong way being promoted.

What NOT to do when MLM Marketing Online

Who would you rather recruit into your network marketing company…a winner, a whiner or a wiener? Funny question right? Well, take a look at your marketing, which of the three would it attract? IF you are writing blogs or following MLM training online that pushes how people don’t have to pick up the phone, talk to their warm market or barely lift a finger, YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE.

Missing my back patio (still in Az)

Online MLM Recruiting…all about expectations

When you write to the weak, you get them. If your MLM marketing online is marketed in a way that DISCOURAGES the tried and true methods that ALL successful network marketing companies have been built, NOT only are you setting up false expectations for the weak, you are ALSO TURNING OFF THE LEADERS! Here’s why…

Some of you using online mlm to lets say, write blogs, have had a leader see your blog, but you just don’t know it. The reason you don’t know is as soon as a leader sees you market something that would create false expectations for people they bring into your network marketing company, they run away and do NOT reach out to you.

The Art of Balancing MLM Marketing Online and Traditional Methods

Some of my very best builders are hardcore offline and traditional builders, I will NEVER naysay warm market or offline as it just works and quite frankly I believe it has a higher success rate than online MLM. Pretty strong statement right? Here’s why I think that, online MLM has been sold out of weakness rather than positioned properly. When someone is sold something that is push button and encourages them never to get on the phone, I believe there is a 99% chance that person, at the first obstacle, will quit. Here is my opinion on building network marketing…

You can Build Online or Offline But You Cannot Build a Long Standing Team Without Getting on the Phone

So, IF you are using online mlm methods, here are my two suggestions:

1. Is your marketing written to attract whiners and wieners and if so, start mixing in some prospecting or closing tactics to be used over the phone. Talk about someone you know that joined through warm market and DON’T continue with messages that attract the weak.

2. Mix in some traditional stuff in your daily routine. I recall being on a panel and asking Mike Dillard on stage in Vegas when someone should approach their warm market. If you don’t know, Dillard is the king of attraction marketing and really got MLM marketing online on the map. He replied, “When you don’t care if they sign up”, Amen. Be postured today and call a few of your warm market, who knows, they may be looking right now, see if they are open but DON’T be addicted to the outcome of them saying yes.

Hope this post helps you out, let’s all make the entire Network Marketing industry better by being REAL with our marketing and helping people find better ways of changing their life.

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