Today we are going to explore the art of network marketing recruiting.

Hi, my name is Ray Higdon. Before I started my YouTube channel, I was the number one income earner of a network marketing company. I was not the number one recruiter, but I was in the top 10, top 20, something like that. So I know what it’s like to recruit people, to make money and build leaders and duplication. So this post is really going to help you out. First, I’m going to cover what script, word for word you should use when approaching someone new. Then I’m going to teach you what to say if there’s a money objection. Lastly, we will cover what if they say that’s too expensive, well I’m going to tell you exactly what to say.

How to be a good recruiter.

Now, when it comes to being a good recruiter, one thing that maybe it’s not so obvious is that you have to talk to people, right. I had really good recruiters in my team. I was always good at recruiting recruiters and the best recruiters I have ever seen. They would close maybe about 30% of the people they talk to. You can actually out recruit a great recruiter by just talking to more people. If they’re talking to 10, but you talk to 50, there’s a good chance you will out recruit them, even if they are better at recruiting. I would encourage you, if you don’t understand the concepts that are needed to build a network marketing business, such as pipeline, posture, position, perspective, definitely, we’re not going to cover them in this post, but we definitely cover them all throughout the blog. Make sure you subscribe and get those goodies too, because you need to understand those elements. But today, we are focused on scripts, what to actually say.

One major note is my scripts, especially for reach out, are not designed for you to use on other network marketers. Too many times I have people say,“Hey, I sent your script and they were mad, they made fun of it…” or whatever and 100% of the time, I say, “were they a network marketer?” and the answer has always been, “yes,” every time. Just know I am here telling you…I’m pleading with you not to use these scripts, at least the first one to reach out to another network marketer. Look at their profile and if you know that they’re a network marketer, don’t use this, because they’re going to see this coming from a mile away. Because network marketers, they sometimes just kind of throw Hail Mary’s out there, right? They have probably been approached with this kind of script. I’m talking about people who are not in network marketing. More specifically because one thing that is common amongst everyone watching this video is you have an opportunity. Now you can certainly reach out about your product, and you can do it in your own way, to lead with a benefit. I would highly suggest that you still work with some of the concepts I’m going to cover here today.

What is the initial script to reach out to someone? There are a few elements and especially if you’re reaching out to someone on social media that may not know you, right? This is going to someone that may not know us, and they are not a network marketer already. All right.

First I want to intercept what’s in their thoughts. What’s in their thoughts…”Do I know you? What do you want? And why did you reach out to me?” Those are the three thoughts that they have. So if you’re reaching out to someone that doesn’t know you, those are the three thoughts. Why me? What do you want? And do I know you? I actually try to tackle those in the very first script.

For those that may wonder, “hey, does this really work?” Well, I now have two number one recruiters in different companies that have built 100% using the script, all cold market. Now you will hear a lot of influencers that say, “don’t send out cold messages.” Well, it’s because they don’t have to, they have influence, they have a following, so they don’t need to. But if you don’t have a following, if you don’t have influence, then this is a great script for you. We have seen it work so many times and now we have two number one recruiters and other companies that have 100% used this script.

Here’s how it goes.

Number one, “Hey, I know we don’t know each other.” (you are getting that out of the way. See, if you don’t say that, then you could send a script and their first reply is, “Do I know you?” And now you’re in the defense mode. I don’t want you in the defense mode. Right? I want your posture.)

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other (and then you need to associate why them and there’s two main reasons, either occupation or location.) It could be “Hey, I know we don’t know each other. I see that you’re a waitress…. I see that you’re a realtor. I see that you’re a chiropractor…whatever.” Whatever occupation they are, that’s saying why them Oh, you notice that something about them is something that you’re intrigued about or you have some specialty around.

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other. I see that you are a realtor. I happen to work with a lot of realtors. I happen to work with a lot of chiropractors, I happen to work with a lot of engineers….”

Now, maybe you are a team of zero and you feel incongruent saying that well, there are other engineers in your company. There are other realtors etc. Think about the company, you’re representing the company, you didn’t invent the product in your basement, you didn’t write up the comp plan on a napkin, right? You’re a representative of the company and the company works with a lot of realtors, waitresses, chiropractors, engineers, etc. Right? Got it. So you’re a representative of the company, not a representative of only your team.

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other, I see that you’re a realtor. I happen to work with a lot of realtors. Listen, I don’t know if you’re open to it or not. But would you be open to taking a look at what I’m doing to make some extra money? If you’re open to it, great, if not, no big deal.”

You are dialing down any kind of pressure by saying if you’re open to it, great, if not, no big deal. Just ask yourself this question. Now a network marketer will reply negatively and say, “how dare you use a script on me? I hate your guts.” They’ll screenshot it, they’ll put it on Instagram, call you out, call you all kinds of names, right? This is why we suggest not doing that. But what a normal person will think about it…well put yourself pre network marketing. You’re a normal person. Someone says “hey, I know we don’t know each other. I see you’re a realtor, I’ve worked with a lot of realtors. Would you be able to take a look at what I’m doing to make extra money? If not, no big deal.” Are you offended by that? Are you like how dare you tell me it’s okay, if I’m not interested.

Now, a very simple script. It works like crazy. It has helped our rank makers bring in over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps in the last few years, it works.

Let’s hear from you. 

Alright, before we get to the money objection of “I don’t have money or that’s too expensive. Before we get to those objections and exactly what to say, Has this been helpful so far? Drop me a comment. Let me know. Again, please, if you’re going to use the script, please don’t send it to other network marketers. They’re just going to bash it and then you will think…all this doesn’t work. It does work. We have seen it work over and over and over for many, many years. It works but not on other network marketers. So drop me your comment. Has this been helpful so far?

How to handle the money objection? 

All right. Let’s say you have reached out to someone you said, “Hey, are you open to taking a look?” They said “yes,” they watched your video, or they attended a presentation or whatever it is that your system is.. and you say, “hey, what did you like about it?” and they say, “man, I just don’t have the money.” Now, that’s where a lot of network marketers fall to pieces. They’re like, oh, they don’t have money, my hands are tied. Now sometimes, most of the time they are lying to you. Most of the time they do have the money, but they think you can’t overcome this objection, and they just don’t see the value. Maybe this is where you need to find… you need to do a fact finding mission of what’s real. Is that the real objection or not? I would ask the question. If someone says, “Hey, I don’t have the money, I can’t join.” I would first say, “Hey, okay, cool. I understand. Sorry to hear that. I’m just curious if you did have the money would you want to join?”

Now, that’s a pretty safe question on their part, because they think, Well, I don’t have the money, so I can say, “yes” to this or they may say, “you got me, I’m just not interested.”

Now, if they say that, “I appreciate your honesty, no big deal. Hey, high five, we’ll see around.”

You don’t have to put so much pressure on, you don’t have to go hard on him. I’m a much bigger component of let’s not try to hard close everyone and instead, let’s just talk to more people. So if someone’s in that state, I’ll follow up with them. But I’m not going to try to turn on the pressure and get them going.

But if they say, “you know what, yeah, if I had the money, man, I would get started.”

“Cool. Awesome. Now I’m going to clarify. (it’s $500 to join or whatever it is for your company to join.) It’s $500 to join, you’re saying you do not have $500 in the bank, you don’t have it on a credit card. You don’t have it anywhere?”

Sometimes they’ll say, “Oh, I could use a credit card.”

Great. Sometimes they’re just not thinking that way for some reason. But let’s say in this example, they say, “Nah, man, I don’t have it.” This is a critical point. Because if you don’t ask this next question, you’re fighting as if they’re completely broke and I guarantee you they’re not completely broke unless you’re just prospecting the homeless, right? Which makes no sense. Why would you do that? They have some money. Let’s say it’s 500 bucks. And you said, “Hey, okay, so you’re saying you don’t have 500 bucks in your bank account or in a credit card? You have no access to that?”

“No, man, I don’t.”

Okay, how far off are we?” Instead of fighting for how we come up with $500, which is, you know, a good amount of money. Find out okay, well, how much do you have? And I’ve had people say, “Well, I got like, 450.” I’m serious. I’ve had people say that. I’m like, “oh, okay, so cool.” This is where we start a brainstorming session. How can we come up with the other 50? I’ve had people sell jewelry, I’ve had people sell their bicycles. I’ve had people sell musical instruments from high school. I’ve had people sell their Xbox, I mean, it’s not making them any money. It’s costing money, right? I’ve had people sell stuff to come up with the difference, but if you don’t ask how far off we are, then you’re going to battle for the full amount, which is quite the battle. 

Now. Let’s transition to what if they say it’s too expensive? That is too expensive. Well, this is actually easier than you think. Okay, because everyone would pay top dollar to solve the problem. They have. Everyone, everyone in the world and so what they’re CNN is they’re just looking at the product itself, comparing it to other things that they think are similar. And they’re not sure if any of them will give them a result. If you don’t know if anything will give you a result, you too would pick the lowest option. If you don’t know the difference and someone says, “hey, do you want the steak from Perkins or the steak from Capitol grill…” and you don’t know the difference? You’ll say, well, this one’s cheaper, right? And you’ll eat that Perkins tough steak not cooked well etc. They need to further believe that it’s actually going to solve their problem. Here’s the line. This is the line. If someone says, “Oh, that’s too expensive,” you say this, say, “hey, listen, our company owners could have used cheaper products, but they wanted something that worked.” That’s the line. Now there’s a follow up here. First of all, that introduces that there’s some things out there that are cheap that don’t work, which they already know, right? We know that, we know that there’s cheap things out there that break immediately, or they just don’t work.

The follow up is…. a few years ago, and this was true. Look it up. A few years ago, the New York State Attorney General raided GNC, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens and they found that a lot of their vitamins, especially if you’re in the health and wellness, didn’t have what their label said they had. In fact, they had products that were listed as multivitamins, but when tested had sawdust. This is a fact, look it up. Shockingly, those charges were dropped. Someone got paid. Also fact, right?

It introduces the concept that hey, just because something is the same name doesn’t mean it’s equal in power. It’s equal in solving the problem. I told people I said, “Listen, it’s okay for you not to join, it’s okay for you not to use this product. But if you’re going to use one of the cheap products, just save your money. Just keep that money in your pocket, go get dinner, right? Do something with that money that actually is going to help you or be beneficial or be fun.” Introduce that idea that just because something’s cheaper, doesn’t make it the same and something higher price doesn’t make it expensive, if it solves the problem.

Want additional help?

Alright, so I hope you benefited from this post. We want to help you even more. We created a totally free PDF that has my 30 favorite closing and prospecting questions. You can click the link, download it, use it, it’s going to blow your mind because there’s several questions in there that we didn’t get to today that will really help you be a better recruiter.

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