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The Art and Beauty of
Magnetic Marketing


There is a true beauty with the concept of magnetic marketing. It is THE preferred way to get clients and to not feel like such a salesman (or woman). Read on to discover the concept and zen of having customers chase you.

Caveman or Magnetic Marketer?

I just finished reading a Dan Kennedy magnetic marketing article and it was pretty funny. He states that MOST people trying to learn how to market a business ask these types of questions:

1. How can I “get past” the gatekeepers?
2. How can I “get” an appointment?
3. How can I “lure” a prospect to see my video?
4. How can I sell something to somebody today?

Dan Kennedy says these questions are like the caveman contemplating how to find and kill something so he and his brood can eat tonight.

Prospecting Vs Marketing

If you are like me and in the network marketing industry, the above statements may confuse you. You may think well Ray, are you saying to just sit around and wait for someone to contact me? Well, that is what most people seem to do when they turn to attraction marketing and using the Internet but I am not saying that.

If you follow the success of almost any company, until the founders created magnetic marketing to PULL people into their funnels and systems, they probably beat the street to find prospects and buyers. For example, when I started with my network marketing company I got 20 no’s per day from offline and online prospects but now, from following a system of providing value through my blog, I get leads daily. Know where you are, IF you are not making some pretty serious income, then you probably need to continue (or start) prospecting. Instead of seeing this article as a comparison of prospecting vs marketing, turn your attention to the time you DO spend marketing.

When  you are posting on social media, are you hoping someone buys something or clicks to your sales page or are you hoping to help someone with your value and information you are sharing? Look to “how can I help” instead of the cavemanish “How can I make a sale”. Now, more than ever, people want to buy from REAL PEOPLE, people who provide value and they trust.

Sample Caveman Clubswings (opposite of magnetic marketing)

Here are some examples of the OPPOSITE of magnetic marketing:

– “Hey, I barely or don’t know you but would you please like my facebook page?”
– “We’ve never met but can you take a look at this video and tell me what you think?”

I think you get the idea, the caveman marketer HOPES for a sale, like throwing a hail mary into the endzone. The caveman does not lead with value nor care what your problems or desires are, they just pitch you, usually not in person or on the phone but instead through emails and facebook messages (anyone else ever experience these types of messages?)

2 Simple Keys to Magnetic Marketing

1. Be a PERSON of value. Be a giver. Listen to people, make them feel good, compliment them, and genuinely be nice. Believe it or not that is still a great value to society and people love to be around givers. Here’s a clue, if you have called all your warm market about your opportunity and most are not calling you back, you are a taker and they have labeled you as such. You have not cared enough to build relationships with them, so I would suggest becoming a better person by reading things like “How to win friends and influence people” and “The power of positive thinking”

2. Teach, train and give people information that they want. Most people are looking for solutions to their problems, not just a sales pitch. I have found one of the easiest ways to give value on a consistent basis is through blogging. There are 5 keys to a good blog and I actually cover those in my Pro Blog Academy that well over 1,000 people have gone through worldwide. You do NOT have to be a technical expert or already a guru to start creating value for others, all you have to do is focus on THEM.

Focus on THEM, YOUR target market’s need, desires and problems and YOU will become a Magnetic Marketing success story. For those that want to dive deeper on this topic, for a very limited time we have re-opened my Pro Blog Academy, you can check out by clicking here

To Your Abundance!

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