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Here’s the #1 question to ask when closing your prospect to get them to see your offer as the BEST and ONLY option.

The #1 Question to Ask When Closing a Network Marketing Prospect

First, Don’t Confuse Your Prospect

Here’s a story I read in a marketing book that really explains how easy it is to get your prospect confused.

So, a lady would go to this state fair, and she had jelly for sale. She had, apricot jelly, peach jelly, and strawberry jelly.

Every time she went, she’d kill it man!

Selling hundreds and hundreds of jars of delicious jelly sold. Just selling the hell out of it.

And, a marketing guy comes by, “Hello. Let me help you out little lady. Next state fair, we’re going to have 65 flavors. Oh man, you think you’re doing good with three, 65 is key.”

She comes back out and she’s got 65 different…

Sales decreased by hundreds of percentages. She sold way less.


People come and say, “I gotta go. This is too overwhelming.”

You ever see a menu, or you see some kind of offering, there’s just too many things?

A confused mind doesn’t buy.

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Network Marketing Products/Opportunities

Roll with what they like. Whatever they like is awesome.

They don’t need to know about all the things that you like. Maybe once they’re in, that’s fine. But let’s not interrupt the process.

Let’s NOT say, “Hey, I know you’re really excited to join right now, but let me slow you down there. Let me tell you all the things I like that may pertain to you.”

Don’t add additional ingredients into something when the process is moving forward.

Ask Clarifying Questions

Start by asking them some clarifying questions

  • I’m just curious, why is that important to you?
  • Why do you like that?
  • What do you mean by that?
  • Why is residual income important to you?

Get them to really solidify their decision and just talk.

Now if someone says, “Well, I really need to make some money, and that’s what I like about it”

Okay, well, “Just curious. What’s got you fired up, and wanting to make more money? Now do you want to make more money or you need to make more money?”

“I need to make more money.”

“Why do you need to make more money?”

“Well, you know. Everyone can use some more money.”

Yeah, but why do you?”

If you can get them to pause or sigh or something like that, you got ’em. Done.

I was at an event and a guy said:

“Well, I have four teenage daughters. I’ve given them everything they’ve ever wanted in their entire life, and I know that at some point in the near future, they’re going to be getting married and the thought of covering their weddings has me stressed to the max.”

Closing Question

So, now you know the emotional pull. You can ask a very powerful question. If it’s phrased exactly like this:

“If you don’t do this, how will you come up with the money for that?”

“If you don’t do this, how will you come up with the money for this problem that you told me you have?”

It’s a tough question.

I’ve actually yet to have anybody say, “Well, I’ve got a few options. I could sell some of my shares in this, I could get rid of some of my crypto. I could tap into my hedge fund.”

I’ve actually never had anybody say anything but, “I don’t know.”

Now we’re closing the circle of their options. We’re making your option the best option. And in their head, at least at that time, maybe the only option.

Did you find that helpful?

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