Struggling to identify who and how you should be Target Marketing? This will help.

When it comes to target marketing strategies, let me show you a few examples and how YOU can target your perfect prospects.

Target Marketing Definition

Here is a good article sharing the Target Marketing definition and I will share my own thoughts to add to this.

When it comes to MARKETING, you should be speaking to a specific person that has specific interests on any one marketing channel you have. Marketing channels are blogs, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc. ONE focus on your marketing channel will get you more leads and sales AND will attract MORE people than trying to cram everything you might be involved in on one channel.

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“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek
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Examples of Target Marketing NO-NO’s

The biggest one in OUR profession is when a network marketer is in a health and wellness MLM and they talk about the orac score of organic blueberries on one blog post and how to recruit people from Craigslist on the next one. These are not congruent and should NOT be talked about AS THE MAIN topics in one singular marketing channel.

Another example is I run a travel blog and I let my teammates do guest posts on there. The travel blog does NOT talk about network marketing AT ALL but when my buddy did a guest post the other day he started sharing it in a bunch of MLM Facebook groups because that is what he was used to doing. I helped him out by telling him to NOT do that as that isn’t congruent but instead to post in TRAVEL groups.

On this blog it is very clear that my target marketing strategy is to speak to existing network marketers, that doesn’t make it the end all be all, network marketing is simply one of the examples of target marketing. Just because you are in network marketing doesn’t mean that is who you market to.

Here is another article I wrote about Target Marketing that may help you.

What About Prospecting?

Ray are you saying that I should only talk to a specific type of person? What about my upline that tells me to prospect people at grocery stores, I don’t know their occupation? Prospecting is different than marketing. Marketing you can control in every way, prospecting is suggested wherever you are. If you meet someone cool, prospect them despite your target marketing efforts online.

Still Confused about Niche Marketing?

Target or Niche marketing can be a tough roadblock for people but in the below video I break it down for you and I think this may help A LOT of people that have struggled with their perfect target marketing strategies. I also share a free resource in the video, make sure you watch it!

Ahh, can you breathe easier now? Feel free to share if you got value!

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