Are you looking for tips to speed up your journey to success? There are definitely some important things I had to learn to get to the top, so watch this video to get my advice on how to be successful in a MLM business!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Today we’re going to talk about how to be successful in a MLM business. Stay tuned.

My name is Ray Higdon and before I was a coach and trainer, I was the number one income owner of a network marketing company that I started by the way while I was in foreclosure and had been wiped out. So, let me break it down for you how to be successful. 

First, I’m going to share with you the number one ingredient, the number one requirement for you to create success and I’m also going to share why it’s so hard for people to follow it. 

Number two I’m going to share with you a secret conversation that I had with guys making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month when I was early on in network marketing that really helped me and lastly, I’m gonna give you a mindset hack that is guaranteed to speed up your results. 

So what is this number one ingredient, number one requirement that I mentioned was hard for so many to follow through on? That is consistency. 

There’s nothing in this world that you can’t accomplish with being consistent, anything. So, literally anything I’ve ever done, my consistency has made me get good at it. Okay so for example, I meditate every day. 

So every morning I’m awake usually by 4 am, sometimes 4:30 and I do an hour 15 meditation every day and I haven’t missed a day of meditation in- I don’t know eight months, 10 months something like that however when I started, I really didn’t know what I was doing, I was fidgeting the whole time,

I was having all these random thoughts, I couldn’t even you know, I do guided meditation but I

couldn’t even pay attention to what words were being said to me. I was just doing it all wrong.

With consistency, I’ve actually been able to do up to four hours of meditation sitting completely still and I remember one time, I was up in Denver and I was meditating down in the lower levels, right? It was early, it was 4 a.m, I’m out in the lower levels and I start my meditation it was an hour 15 meditation and a fly got on my face and crawled around my face for about an hour and I didn’t move and so I’ve built that muscle but I only built it through consistency, literally. 

I don’t know anything in my life whether it’s public speaking, videos, sales, ballroom dancing, meditation, nothing in my life did I ever start and I was naturally amazing at it. 

I’ve had to be consistent at every single area of my life that I’ve gotten good at.

Let’s assume you do too. Let’s assume that you don’t have this natural, amazing innate ability to do whatever it is that you’re wanting to do whether it’s build a network marketing business, sell something or whatever, you’ve got to be consistent, but why is this so hard for people? 

Like if you tell someone hey, if you do this thing right here and you do it every day, you’re going to get really good at it. Most people would say yeah, that makes sense but why won’t they? 

Well there’s several reasons for it but the number one reason that overrides all others is you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success and this can rear its ugly head in a lot of different ways. 

For example there’s a book out there from Marianne Williamson and and this was actually eye-opening to me and she shares that a lot of women who are overweight, they’re overweight because they hate their body and they hate their body because when they were a little girl and they were you know sitting on daddy’s knee and as they grew older and started to develop, it started to be kind of weird to be on daddy’s knees so you know dad started encouraging other ways of them sitting next to each other or whatever which in some women’s you know minds, that hurt their relationship which made them hate their body. 

If you hate your body, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to have health issues, there’s a good chance that you won’t want to honor it and get in really amazing shape or anything like that because if you hate it, then why would you want to honor it? Why would you want it to be in good shape? 

Now there’s also if someone was sexually abused as a kid, you know they could draw the conclusion that oh, me in good shape means O have a higher chance of being sexually abused again and so this is a deep, deep topic here of when you draw the wrong conclusion to success, you will not be consistent because you will not push past that. 

No matter how many books you read, no matter how many degrees you get, you won’t push past that. 

If you believe that you becoming more successful in whatever area takes you into a type of person you don’t want to be, you’ll just avoid this success, that’s a much more efficient manner. 

And so I’ve seen this over and over and over with people who are motivated, aren’t lazy, they want to do good things but they just can’t find themselves to do it, it’s a hidden program. 

It’s one of those gotchas and you know we share a lot of examples here on this channel but it’s typically it’s the wrong conclusion to success based on what you’re going after and it was created from a past observation as a kid. 

So, if you observed like for example if you have siblings and one of your siblings you know you got good attention and they weren’t very good in school and they got bad attention so every time you got heralded and recognized and acknowledged, they were why aren’t you more like your sister?

Well that may have you create the association that recognition is bad. It makes my sister feel bad and even though decades later where there is no correlation, you’ll still carry it. 

And so the biggest reason that people aren’t consistent is not because they’re lazy, it’s because they don’t recognize their programming.

So I’d love to hear from you. I have two more powerful points around this but I’d love to hear from you. What do you think is your reason for not being consistent or are you super consistent? The majority of people that I meet wish they were more consistent. 

What do you think is the thing that’s keeping you from being consistent and by the way, I read and respond to every single comment so I’d love to hear from you.

Now that we’ve talked about consistency, I want to share with you a secret conversation that I had pretty early in my career that really helped me. 

So, I was you know just getting started and just starting to you know make a little bit of money but I hadn’t you know hit top earner status or anything like that and I was talking with these two guys and these two guys were extremely successful and they were already making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and they told me that they had hit a rank that allowed them to start a new position over. 

And so you know some companies do this where you hit a rank and then they place a new position in your team and you get to build out a new position, right, and if your company doesn’t do that, don’t worry about it but I’m just illustrating the point here. 

They told me that they were really excited and I said why are you really excited and they said because we’ve gotten to our we’ve gotten this position to 63 people and there’s been no duplication and I’m like shouldn’t you be sad about that? 

You’ve recruited 63 people and none of them have duplicated like, doesn’t that mean there’s something wrong, like I’m confused. As a new person, you know I’m just kind of climbing the ranks, just learning the ropes and I’m a little confused. 

They’re like oh no, Ray. No, no, no because it’s just a numbers game. 

As you know now it means that we are so close to this thing breaking through, it’s going to be super exciting. Wow, what a different mindset. 

I think most people that if they ever got to recruit 63 people and did the work to get to 63 people, they’d be pretty disheartened to not have any duplication but these guys had done it over and over and over, they’d been at this game for you know 20 years and they knew that it was a numbers game of as you bring people on board, sometimes people are delayed. 

I had people in my team that became six-figure earners that didn’t do anything their first two years. Now if I judged my leadership abilities on their first two years, I would think I’m terrible but that’s not how it works. 

Some people are late bloomers and some people are fast starters and they knew that they were that much closer to someone really rocking and rolling this thing and by the way just to finish the story, they did. 

They built that position to an unbelievable I think a six figure a month position just that one but the first 63 people hadn’t duplicated. Now, that’s a pretty different mindset to have, isn’t it?

So lastly, I want to finish with a mindset hack and this is a mindset hack that has definitely served me and it’ll serve you too if you do it. It’s free to do by the way, it only takes a few minutes and that is for you to start purposely programming your subconscious mind. 

Now for most people unless you’re into meditation or you’re into I guess meditation or you know prayer also can get you there, unless you’re into some alternative mindset kind of strategies, then the only time that your mind leaves beta and goes into alpha is when you go to sleep and that’s when you step into the world of the subconscious, that’s when you step into that that you know what is really running the show. 

By the way your conscious mind is only four to six percent of all of your thinking, right, the subconscious is really the the king or the queen. 

And so every night before you go to bed, you are programming your subconscious mind based on the majority of emotions and the majority of the thoughts you’ve had that day. So if you have thought negative things all day long, your subconscious mind is a non-judgmental partner.

It thinks that’s what you want because it believes that you’re the boss, it believes that you’re in control and so if you thought about negative things all the time, then that must mean- that’s what you want. So it’s a non-judgmental partner.

It will help you attract more of those things, more things. So unfortunately why do so many people go to bed right after watching the news? 

They watch the news and what’s the news there for to get our attention, how does it get it negativity. So if they run a program on how Officer O’Leary saved the cat out of the tree, no one watches. 

If they share something about you know racism or and I’m not saying these things don’t exist and they’re not real, I’m not saying that at all but if they scare you, you tune in more you pay more attention. 

And so so many people, they don’t realize that they are programming their subconscious every single night but they’re programming it on all the things they don’t want. Injustice, racism, murder, climate problems, they’re focused on things that they’re angry about, things that they are depressed about, that they feel you know hateful toward, that’s what they’re telling their subconscious to show them more of. This is what I want propagated.

You can change this by going to bed at night and focusing on what is it that you actually want.

What do you want in your life? What do you want to experience and if you can if you can make this little tweak of thinking about what you want and then tweaking it to feeling as if you’ve already accomplished it, feeling as if it’s a wish fulfilled, it’s already you’re- it’s already happened, you’ve already made it happen. 

It’s not in the future like it’s happening, it’s happened.

You’re in that space if you can create that. 

You’re going to see really weird stuff show up, you’re going to see opportunities come out of nowhere, you’re going to see people that you haven’t seen in years all of a sudden they show up in your life and they want to work with you somehow. 

And so take the time to do this very short mindset hack before you go to bed, focus on what emotion do you really want to propagate, what is it that you really want in your life, you focus on that and watch your life change.

Now, one thing that has really helped me in my career is getting coached. 

And so we actually have an inner circle coaching program that if you’d like to learn more about, there’s a link in the description. 

There’s actually nothing to buy there, all you do is you go to that link, you fill out your information, what is it that you struggle with, what is it that you’re looking for help with and one of our coaches that I coach personally will reach out to you and see how they can help. 

They’ll give you a free strategy session just for filling that information out and see if the program’s a fit for you and if it is, awesome. If it’s not then no big deal.

And so if you’d like more information on that, just click the link in the description, fill out the qualifications, fill out the application and one of our guys will get back to you.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

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