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I love a good success story. But the problem is most marketers get them wrong.

Today I’m sharing why some success stories are mistakes to include in your marketing and what you should be doing instead.

Why Some Success Stories Are a Mistake To Include in Marketing

We hear the term value a lot in marketing but what does that actually mean?

We’ve been using that term for a really long time, and I don’t know that it was as prominently used when we started teaching it, but it is very prominently used now.

But what we found is most people don’t know what value is. They think that value is what their thing is.

And marketing amateurs would be people who could be successful in marketing, but they market what it is.

Now, this could be shampoo bottle. This could be a canister of protein powder. It could be skin cream. It could be jewelry. It could be a travel voucher. It could be whatever, but the amateurs, they market what it is, when they should be marketing what it does.

But if I look at your content, watch your content, read your content and it helps me lose weight. It helps me with a better way to apply makeup. It helps me with making a bacon quiche or whatever. If it helps me with better caring for a Labrador Retriever, if it helps me with losing weight or preparing better organic meals or whatever, without me purchasing anything, you’re a value provider.

But most success stories focus on gaining value after buying a product or service, so someone has to make a monetary trade.

Outside of social media, maybe you run a store and you sell goods or whatever. Okay, that’s a little different, but I’m telling you, if you want to stand out and dominate, if you want to crush your competition, then provide value regardless if a purchase is made.

That’s value.

Do I gain benefit whether I purchase or not? Or is all the value that you pitch I have to purchase to actually receive?

So, it’s providing value whether people purchase or not. That’s how we’ve driven our business the last 10 years.

That’s how we’ve easily, I’ve easily done a video a day every single day for the last 10 years. Now, I’m not saying you have to do that, because that’s a little crazy. It’s a little psychotic. It’s nuts, but I’m nuts about helping people, making an impact, and building a business that makes a difference. I’m nuts about it. I’m crazy. That’s why I do this stuff. I love it.

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