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Strategies for Perfecting the Work Life Balance


Ever struggle with the work life balance? This post and video will help you my friend. Simple strategies to make your life better!

Watch the video and improve your life balance today!

How to Save Your Marriage

I think the best advice on how to save your marriage is to save it before it needs saving. That means having a solid work life balance NOW, not try to adjust when you have a problem. That doesn’t mean that it’s too late if there is a problem but why not treat your spouse better now and put actual effort in having a healthy work life balance?

I think one of the biggest things that spouses want, especially from their husbands is for them to be present. Can we all agree to put away our damn cell phones when we are on date night or spending quality time with our significant other? How many like that idea?

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More Strategies on Living in the Now

I think some people think even talking about a work life balance means to not work as hard, it actually doesn’t. It means when you have a healthy life balance your life improves in EVERY area, not just in your stats in your downline. It’s about working smart to craft the perfect lifestyle you actually want, not one you despise. If you equate pain to your work, you WILL sabotage it, this is very important for you to understand.

Video: Strategies for Your Work Life Balance

Does your spouse or friend need to see this? Feel free to share it with them. Comment below if you think this topic is important, if there is enough interest I can share my actual time blocking schedule that I just put together. Let me know in the comments section.

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