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How to Fail Miserably in Your
Network Marketing Business Opportunity

There are way too many blogs out there on how to succeed at this and how to succeed at that, what about those that wish to sabotage their success in their network marketing business opportunity? Well, have I got a treat for you! This is a step-by-step way to embarrassingly and utterly fail in your homebased business.

Step 1 – Buy into the belief that you have burnt out your warm market

This is a critical step one. As everyone has a warm market, it is way too easy to duplicate talking to your warm market so if you are truly dedicated to failure, tell everyone that your warm market is burnt. When you talk to your warm market you run the risk of stealing people away from those that actually want to succeed, failing miserably is NOT for the faint hearted, it takes dedication by avoiding all possible methods of success.

Step 2 – Use Slogans and focus on your branding

Network marketers know that there are two ways to make money in your network marketing business opportunity, retailing and recruiting. To avoid generating income, focusing on your brand, before you make a dime in a homebased business repels all possible monies you could possibly earn. If you have never sponsored one person in an mlm I suggest these slogans to cement your non-success:

  • Greatest Networker of All Time
  • Marketing Juggernaut
  • King of Fast Cash

But what about content? When creating articles or videos, feel free to swipe these headlines (again, barring you have NOT signed up anyone)

  • How to sponsor 50 reps in 24 hours
  • The Life of a Sponsor Machine
  • How to make $13,657 in your homebased business

Step 3 – Avoid Prospecting (or risk making money)

Wanna really stick it to the people that mentor and believe in you? Never, ever prospect! This takes work, this means never talking to someone online or offline about your business. For some of you, a light bulb just went off. You see, prospecting, which could be online or offline, will eventually lead you to someone who wants to join your business and that means a commission and see the picture to the left on how your attitude has to be about making money if you truly desire failing. Here are 2 non-prospecting activities that you can spend your time on:

– Talk on Skype chatrooms all day. This is perfect as it gives the appearance of working on your business while avoiding any possible commissions.

– Shoot videos every 45 minutes on how to make money and think wealthy. Develop widgets and cool sounds in your video, for best results, become a video production expert. Perhaps enroll in college courses on video editing. This is a solid attack plan as it will literally prevent you from prospecting for months if not years.

Step 4 – Stay in the Library

The great thing about the library is you can never get shot, stabbed or have someone say yes to your homebased business. Study. Study hard. Become an expert of SEO, PPC, Article Writing, Blogging,  Link Exchanges, Listbuilding, Social Media, Backlinks, Video email, Copywriting, and of course, HTML. As these activities are the least likely to ever be duplicated, it is GUARANTEED to create frustration and avoid income for at least 10 hours a day for perhaps the rest of your life, well, the rest of your life in your network marketing business opportunity. DO NOT healthily balance your time with prospecting and technology, go all-tech, all  the time. If you are not logging 40-50 hours a week studying then you will run the risk of making money.


I truly believe the above steps will work for you IF you do not wish to make money and prefer frustration and lack of money. I find that maybe this amusing way of shedding light on some of the things that reps do that simply do not work may make you think in a different way. I truly wish you all success beyond your wildest dreams and I hope you find my lighthearted humor in this blog entertaining and educational. =)

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