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Staying Positive in a Cynical World (Video)

If you are trying to make money in this economy, especially by building a homebased business, you have to stay positive. Somewhere, somehow, being hungry and motivated became uncool in America. I see it all the time where someone finds something to be happy, motivated and positive about, just to be the butt of ridicule from their friends. It seems the only way for society to fully accept you is if you embrace mediocrity. If you ever want to have something you’ve never had, you have to become someone you currently aren’t. Let me explain…

The Mediocre Will Take Your Ambition The Wrong Way

The mediocre will take your new ambition as trying to be better than them. How dare you try to do something different? They will take it personally as an attack on who they are. If you are trying to be different, are you saying there is something wrong with them? Keep in mind, all attacks you receive from those around you AGAINST you accomplishing big things or simply being more positive, is a sign of their “Why Not To”. As my friend Noah St John talks about in his book, “The Secret Code of Success”, he suggests most people have a bigger “Why Not To” than a Why to succeed. Why Not To’s show up when your friends attack your new way of acting of thinking as they never want to lose their friends or be the butt of jokes.

It’s Easier to Make a Hungry Person Sharp Than a Sharp Person Hungry

Don’t let people who don’t have the lifestyle you desire dictate your habits. Stop taking advice from people that are negative, don’t have good relationships and lack all the things you desire in life. I heard on an audio CD today that It’s Easier to Make a Hungry Person Sharp Than a Sharp Person Hungry, boy, isn’t that the truth? You are going to run into people that are sharp but just not that motivated to go to the next level and a lot of times it will come down to their why not to.

Comfort is the Enemy

You would think pain is the enemy but it is not. Comfort is. With pain you may actually do something to change it. With comfort you can sit it out when it comes to changing your life, becoming that mega success story that you deserve. You pass on becoming wealthy and instead of sharing your story with millions, you keep it to yourself. Anyone reading this can have massive success in their homebased business, if you get uncomfortable. Watch my video on ending mediocrity below and enjoy!


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