Entitlement is an ugly word in our world, and Jess & I do everything we can to have a relationship free from that negative word.

Spouse appreciation is something we value, and today we’re getting into how we do that.

Spouse Appreciation: You’re Not Entitled To Their Love

So when it comes to anything in the world, my most hated word ever is entitlement.

I hate it. I feel I have to earn what I have on a daily basis. I don’t feel because my wife and I have sacred vows that I can become lazy in the relationship and not adore her, edify her, express my gratitude for everything that she does. She’s unable to do anything for me and not be thanked and I would encourage you to do the same, because sometimes we just get so used to people bringing us stuff or doing things for us that we just get casual.

So we work to earn our relationship every single day.

We had an employee that worked for us and he said, “Man, I love what you do. I am always going to be here,” and I said, “Hey, be here as long as it serves you and when it no longer serves you, we understand,” and that’s that.

I don’t feel that because I’ve done a video every day that you should follow me, no – you should follow me if it serves you.

If you just think more like that, not only in relationships, but with your team as well – they will feel recognized, acknowledged, and grateful.

Just like your spouse.


I’ve seen this a lot of times where someone is just absolutely amazing on their team and then it’s just ‘okay’ with their spouse, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve seen it where a big female earner gets up on stage and says, “Ladies, we don’t need a man,” and I’m like, “Fair enough. You don’t, but you’re married.”

You know what I’m saying? How does that make him feel? And so, I get it. Female empowerment. Rock it out. You all can do anything that you want. And I totally agree and get it.

But I think sometimes that’s too strongly served from the podium and isn’t serving to relationships. Yes, you don’t have to have a man. No doubt, no question, but if you have a man, then to him it doesn’t feel that great if you’re saying that on the stage.

Some of you are out there thinking, “Well, my spouse isn’t like that.” “That’s easy for you to say” or, “Gosh, I don’t have those qualities or my spouse is entitled,” or something like that might be running through your mind.

The more that you embody these qualities, the more that your spouse will too.

So although yes, women don’t need men. But by you saying that and you man hearing, how would he feel? How would that change his perception of the relationship?

Women vs. Men

Men take care of business and treat their women as their equal and as their queen. They make big decisions and include their wives in on it. Real men would run through brick walls for their families and also respectfully, but aggressively fight for the wellbeing of their household.

Men take the stress away from the rest of the family by being a strong rock. Men are amazing. Do not take away their masculinity.

Now women, women are feminine, beautiful creatures that can rule the world and still do it in heels. Women raise up men and support their masculine need to provide. Women also do not shy away from their goals and choose men that will support them in these goals, not be intimidated by them.

Men need to provide security for their families. It’s a driven need within them. Men are the rulers of the family. Men fight every day to raise amazing children and work on their own fulfillment throughout the process.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that women are equal to men, neither is stronger in any way.

Feminine energy coupled with masculine energy can move mountains if worked successfully together. Your spouse is not the enemy.

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