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Most uplines are amazing, but we have heard of some uplines stealing prospects.

If your sponsor is adding your customers and everyone who likes your posts and comments, here’s what to do.

What To Do When Your Sponsor Steals Your Network Marketing Prospects

1. Verify

First, I would verify that that is the case.

Sometimes we create stories in our mind, and they’re not actually true. So, I would first find that out.

Prospecting one’s downline is very weird behavior, for sure.

But I would just make sure. Because I’ve seen it where someone thinks exactly what you’re thinking, but the truth is they were already connected to them. The upline was already connected to the person, and their people were actually attracted to you.

I’m not a forensic Facebook analyst here, but I would just kind of figure out is that truly the case before creating a story.

2. Ask Them

I may even go to them and say:

“Hey, I got something that’s a little crazy. I just have to ask you this question, and maybe I’m nuts. But it seems to me that when people are liking stuff, you’re adding them. Am I nuts? Help me out here, because that seems kind of weird.”

3. If True, Delete Them

If I determined that every person I was attracting to me on social media and my upline was adding everyone who liked my posts, comments and my customers, then I would delete them. I’d block them, or something like that.

So, if you verify that’s the case, then I would ask them, and then from there I would probably delete or block them.

More Questions?

As far as when you have a question, do you ask your sponsor or upline? Typically, yes is the answer.

I know that there’s a lot of people inside of Rank Makers that maybe their upline left or quit, and there’s plenty with amazing uplines. (FYI – This isn’t an upline bashing session) But, there are people that maybe their upline isn’t as active and they ask their questions inside our group Rank Makers.

That is a great place that many people ask questions, so I hope that helps.

Did you find that helpful?

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