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How to Sponsor Reluctant MLM Prospects

You know what I am talking about. You are talking to a prospect, they have seen the presentation, they like your company but they are not sure they can do it. How can you push them over the edge? In this blog I will help you convert some of those network marketing scaredy cats into joining your business.

“I know they can do it, how can I convince them of that fact?”

This is how most people think. When you have not had a lot of success yet and you have a prospect that is lukewarm, you get all excited, the greed gland swells, and you start imagining the commissions in your bank account and you excitedly telling your upline that you are a rockstar. It is at that point, that most people blow it.

Do the unexpected to get the big results

Instead of convincing, try a different method. Let me show you some examples:

Example 1
Prospect: “Ray, I am not sure I can do it”
Ray: “You are probably right”

Example 2
Prospect: “Ray, I wanna do it but have to make sure I can get my money back as quickly as possible”
Ray: “Well, I am not so certain this is a fit for you. The people that produce are coachable, confident and follow the steps that I outline and based on what you just said, I am not sure this is a fit for you at least right now”

“But Ray, they are soooo close to signing up, can’t I just convince them?”

This is what they expect. They expect you to tell them about the fast start bonuses and how good they would be and how awesome they are. If you learned to take it away from them and make them prove to you that they can do it, you have a much higher chance that they will sign up. Not only that. If you make them convince you, they cannot be mad at you if they do NOT follow your coaching. You didn’t twist their arm. They told YOU they were gonna rock it out. I have very rarely seen pressure or convincing work to get a reluctant person to take an action. And if they did, a lot of times it created buyers remorse and they cancelled anyway. Network marketing is NOT times share sales, stop with the high pressure and use the force. =)

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