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Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Today we’re going to dive into how to use social media to sell products.

Over the last decade, our company has generated tens of millions of dollars in product sales using the internet, using social media so I’m going to share with you three very powerful strategies that will help you. 

First, I want to share with you two pillars of growing and selling online. You need to know these distinctions if you’re going to build a successful business. 

Next, I’m going to share a three-letter acronym that helped me with creating videos, creating content and I know it’ll help you and then lastly I’m going to share with you the fastest way to sell more products on social media right now. 

All right so what are these two pillars of growing your business online? They are prospecting and marketing. 

Now just because you’re wanting to sell more products on social media doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to individuals and in fact, when I first got serious about selling on social media, I did both. 

I created videos that I hoped would attract people to me and would lead to sales but I also reached out to people that I thought might have interest in my products and so in your efforts of making money on social media and making money online, make sure that if you’re not generating leads just yet, then keep marketing, keep the faith, keep doing things in a manner to increase those chances but remember, you can also reach out to people.

People that you know and people that you do not know and I’ll give you an example. So my wife, when she was first getting serious about selling on social media, she went to her friends and she tried to sell them her product, no one was buying. 

She turned to Facebook and she was you know 21 years old at the time and she turned to Facebook and she started prospecting strangers. 

She wasn’t creating a lot of marketing, she wasn’t doing a lot of videos but she was just reaching out to strangers and just seeing if they were open to purchasing her product, which her product back then was actually gold and silver coins, that’s the company that  both her and I were selling products for and I’ll tell you one really incredible example.

She prospects this financial planner, he lived in Sacramento, I believe and he joins but he gets his entire financial team to join as well. So they sold insurance and they sold some other things but he got his whole team to also start selling these products. 

One of those guys that worked in his office ended up buying $240,000 worth of the product in the first 45 days. My wife made tens of thousands of dollars just from that one individual. 

It was awesome and so when you’re trying to make money on social media, don’t just limit yourself to marketing because sometimes marketing takes time and I’m going to share with you the fastest way to do it right now but sometimes it does take a little bit of time to you know get off the ground and start getting people attracted to you and start building a following. 

In the meantime, you could be reaching out to people. 

So the two pillars prospecting and marketing. So, now I’ll share this three-letter acronym that changed my life and has actually helped a lot of entrepreneurs all over the world. The three letters are I L T. 

They stand for invest, learn, teach. If you want to sell more products on social media, then you need to be creating content, right? You just- you need to even if you’re going to do the paid advertising route, you still need to create content and I’m not suggesting that you have to do paid ads.

 I actually didn’t run a paid ad until I was over a million dollars a year. Now, I’m not saying that that’s the right way to do it, that’s just how I did it, right? So you can sell through social media without doing paid ads but even if you’re going to, you still have to create content.

You have to create you know headlines, you have to create videos and you have to create things that are going to get people’s attention and make them want to be connected to you, following you etc. So how does ILT come into play? 

So ILT stands for invest, learn, teach, that means you invest your time, possibly money, to learn something then you teach it and this is a concept that I know anybody can do and I remember you know one day and this is where I had this realization that anyone can do it. 

One day, I was at my house and my stepdad came over and he came over and he starts rattling off all these facts about the climate and earth and the environment and all he starts rattling off all these different things. 

Now it was very unlike him like that’s not normally him. He’s blue collar Harley-Davidson you know he’s worked you know tough jobs his whole life, he’s a you know was in the Marine Corps you know like this he just doesn’t normally talk that way and I’m like where are you getting all this? 

He said well, I watched this documentary the other night and you know they said… 

He was ILT and me. He had invested time and he learned something from a documentary and he was now teaching from that thing he learned from, that’s ILT. And so one of the ways that I built my business was just doing videos based on things I was learning. 

Now, if you’re really smart as a business owner, you’ll think about okay what are the types of people that I want to attract to me and what do they struggle with and you’ll learn that. 

So, if you’re trying to help people lose weight, then you studying and reading articles on weight loss, you reading books around weight loss and you diving deep into that of what causes weight gain etc. that could create some very valuable content, very valuable videos or articles et cetera that you can put out there to attract your perfect person to you. ILT means you don’t have to be an expert. 

I wasn’t an expert when I started. I mean heck, I was dead broken personal foreclosure when I first got serious about building my internet business and so all I did was I I would read from a book, I would not plagiarize, I would say hey by the way today you know I’ve been reading this book right here and in this book, here’s three tips. 

Boom, boom, boom and so ILT is your friend. It means that you can create content based on anything that you learn and that is what will really attract more people to you is education. All right so what do I see as the fastest strategy to sell more products on social media right now? The answer is for sure, short videos and specifically TikTok. So, you know TikTok is one of those things that I was not an early adopter of. You know I didn’t- I didn’t jump right on the platform when it came out. In fact, I purposely stayed away from it. 

I thought it was just for young kids, didn’t want it didn’t have any interest in it but did you know there are over 70 million people over age 50 on TikTok and by the way, that stat is like six or eight months old so you know is could there be a hundred million, sure, probably, right, but I can tell you there’s a lot of people over there that wouldn’t be considered your millennials or super young people, there’s a lot of people of all ages over there and the reason I like it the most is because of its extremely marketer friendly algorithm. 

If you look at Facebook and how it’s operated for many, many years now, when you post something or you do a video, it’ll show it to a small percentage of people that follow you and if it does well, a little bit more.

It literally won’t show it to people that don’t know you. It won’t even bother. Now if someone you follow or someone that follows you shares it then it might. 

It might share to people that they know but it’s never going to show it to just a random stranger that’s not connected to you in any way shape or form. 

How TikTok works is it takes your content and it shows it to people they think will like the content, whether they know you or not. 

So, this is the reason that we’ve had students that have their first video get a hundred thousand views and they’re not influencers. It’s crazy.

And so I’ve seen some really crazy results with TikTok. Highly recommend that you learn it and when you learn it, you actually get the benefit of also at the same time learning how to do Instagram reels and how to do the new Facebook reels. So you create this one video one time, you post it there you post it there you post in three places. 

And so that is right now the fastest strategy that I see working for selling on social media, getting your stuff in front of more people and people that don’t even know you, that’s definitely the strategy that I would pay close attention to and I would be implementing. 

So, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment, let me know have you ever done ILT without even realizing it? I bet you have or like my stepdad example, have you had someone ILT you?

Maybe they read an article, they shared what they got from it and vice versa. I’d love to hear from you and I do read every single comment and I react to every comment. 

Okay so some of the things that we covered we talked about the two pillars, right, prospecting and marketing and by the way, in case you didn’t catch it, what marketing is, marketing is something you do and it’s actually passive. 

You do it and you hope that someone reacts or responds to it. So marketing examples could be a podcast, a blog post, a TikTok, Instagram reel etc. you put it up there, you hope someone reacts to it whereas prospecting is more one-on-one. 

You’re reaching out to an individual you know like I gave in the examples. Then we talked about the power of ILT and again, I want to point out this is not- you’re not plagiarizing you know. 

You’re saying hey, I just read this book or I just read this article or I just attended this event and you’re sharing from that perspective. Now, doing that, carries collateral benefit. 

So there’s been many times where I reviewed a book that I read and the author actually shared it or the author’s agent reached out to me and this has happened to me several times and it’s actually really, really cool. 

So I’m not looking to say here are my original ideas that I came up with out of nowhere like, I’d actually prefer to point to someone else because that may lead to me getting even more exposure and then we talked about the power of TikTok and TikTok is such a hot platform right now and we actually have a way for you to learn it. 

And so if you would like to learn our three-step launch to grow your TikTok business which oh by the way, we’ll at the same time grow your Instagram real business, your Facebook real business, make sure you click the link down in the description. 

It’s right in the description, that’ll take you to a free training. You just register for it, you’ll be able to watch it for free and it’ll walk you through step by step what to do to grow the heck out of that TikTok business.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

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