Social Media TipsToday I share some of my very best Social Media tips to grow your Network Marketing Business!

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Social Media Tips to Grow your Network Marketing Business

Normally I would be doing a Free Coaching Friday today but the connection isn’t great at our hotel but to make up for it, here are some of my best social media tips for you

1. There are a lot of great social media prospecting options out there, Facebook is still the king. Yes we have recruited people from smaller platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and even Twitter, there is nothing like the prospecting process you can walk through on Facebook (and, your whole team is on FB unlike the other ones).

2. Instead of fancy automation, strive for connection. Too often people are wanting the coolest way to post to all the platforms at one time and instead should be looking for how to connect with those interested in what they have.

3. Don’t show your cards! What I mean by that is don’t MARKET to everyone what company you are in as that loses the chance for you to connect with them and tell them then. It also has anyone actually interested go and google about it and find something negative anyway.

4. If you want more followers, be someone worthy of following. Do you post about drama. gossip and all the things you hate or want to bash? Or, do you create valuable content, uplift others and inspire people? Everyone wants to have more followers but not everyone is willing to do the work needed to become someone worthy of following. Look at the last three days of posts YOU did on social media, would YOU want to follow you? If you didn’t know you, would you be impressed or turned off? (try to think objectively)

Were these helpful? Feel free to share and comment if you get value! Also be sure to check out my wife’s brand new video series on Social Media Prospecting, you can watch them for free here and they will really help you with recruiting more people using social media.

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