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Our social media scripts are tailored toward selling a product, but they can certainly be used for travel network marketing with some of these tips below.

Today I’m sharing a few things I would highlight in network marketing and how they can benefit your business.

How To Use These Social Media Scripts in Network Marketing

These social media scripts are mainly tailored for product marketing rather than travel network marketing, however there are a couple of things you can do which I will share below.

This is not the only answer. But it is a possible answer.

So if someone said, “Oh, I found it cheaper.

I’d say, “Congratulations. That’s amazing.”

They’d be like, “Excuse me?”

social media scripts

Let me give you an example:

So we just finished our event. The event was at the Omni Champions in Orlando, Florida. We had thousands of people there from all over the world. And, we had negotiated a very good room rate for people that booked through our room block.

We had people that said they found it for cheaper, an we had to warn them to be careful with hidden fees.

Now, if you have additional benefits, I would definitely let them know how you stand out.

Some companies do that.

You have to know what comes with your stuff and what are the other benefits.

Do you earn points, do you earn cash back?

Different programs have different benefits, but that’s what I would suggest.

We also have a very helpful scrip booklet with so many successfully used lines & phrases. You can grab it HERE.

Never again get stumped with people saying it is overpriced or people telling you they are ready to sign up just to perform a disappearing act like they are now in a Witness protection program, all of these (and a whole lot more) become easy when you are armed with the Social Media Scripts Pocket guide!

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