Today I share my wife’s social media recruiting formula in this powerful three video series that you can watch for free.

You may want to share this with your teammates and take notes as these videos are meaty and powerful!

Three Videos from the Social Media Recruiting Formula

These are the first three videos from the 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula, if you want to watch the final (and very powerful) fourth video, Click Here

My wife goes deep and shares how people have actually used the social media recruiting formula to recruit lots of reps, rank advance in their company AND change their financial situation!

Three Videos to help with Social Media Prospecting and Recruiting

In Video one Jessica shares scripts you can use for Social Media Recruiting in regards to people you are already connected to on Social media AND your warm market.

In Video two she shares what to say when a prospect asks “Is this Network Marketing?” (very powerful response)

And in Video three you will learn a daily routine you can apply to start getting serious results with your recruiting

Were these powerful? Feel free to share with teammates and drop a comment below if you got value from Jess and her training. To watch the final video in the series you can Click Here and you will also get a glimpse of a major updated training that Jess has created to help you crush it!

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