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Many companies are encouraging their people to add 20+ new friends daily on social media. Here are my thoughts on that and how to recruit on social media FAST.

My Thoughts on Using Social Media for Network Marketing

So, many companies are encouraging their people to add 20+ new friends daily on social media, which for some doesn’t seem comfortable.

And to be honest, I myself am also not a big fan of that. I’m not a big fan of adding people as friends with the sole purpose of prospecting them. I’m not a fan.

Now the argument that you’ll get is – “That if you don’t friend them, they may not see your message.”

And that’s true. There is a lesser chance of them seeing your message.

But if you are dropping comments on their stuff and saying, “Hey, I messaged you,” you do increase your chances. I’ve had plenty of people see my messages that I wasn’t friends with and vice versa.

So, I am not a fan of just adding friends and just hoping for the best.

To me, it’s a little shady. It’s business blasphemy.

What’s business blasphemy?

Business Blasphemy: is where you are inefficient. Just adding friends, hoping that they turn into something. Just building rapport is also business blasphemy because it’s about the most inefficient thing you can possibly do.

In the video below I share my drive-thru analogy. Hopefully, it helps ya, and maybe you’ll get a little laugh out of it. =)

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