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Simple, Part-Time 90 Day Plan for Network Marketing


Would you like help with a simple 90 day plan to grow your network marketing business?

Watch this short (and fun) video on help with a 90 day plan.

What Can You Accomplish in 3 Months?

You really can accomplish a lot in 3 months, IF you are consistent. The problem that I have seen, as described in the below video, is people have big goals for a 90 day run and then they get a week in and realize how much work it is AND all the other distractions in their life and they get discouraged.

When people ask me the key to recruiting more people, getting more traffic to a website or growing yourself my one answer is CONSISTENCY.

CONSISTENCY is what got me from foreclosure to the number one earner in my last company in 7 months. Consistency is what got me from an unknown blog with zero traffic to the top 5,000 sites in the United States for traffic over a couple years.

It is CONSISTENCY, just like with getting in shape, that will change your life, it isn’t all out massive action for 4 days, it’s some unit of work over 90 days that will change your life. The below video is PERFECT for those that don’t have the ability to go all-out in a 90 day plan but have SOME time to attack.

Simple 90 Day Plan

The biggest thing is in ANY 90 day plan, don’t WASTE time by beating yourself up if you are not getting the results or taking the desired amount of massive action. That, to me, is the biggest killer of momentum or production. Help your teammates understand this as well as you and you are on the way to building your home business empire!

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