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Simple Exercise:
How to Use the Law of Attraction

This is a cool and effective exercise to help you learn how to use the law of attraction.

Disclaimer About the Law of Attraction

It has become popular for people to attack the law of attraction and say it doesn’t work or have some unnecessary desire to prove it wrong based on their lack of researching and believing that all law of attraction teachings tell you that you don’t need to take any action, just sit around in a bean bag chair listening to Yanni and you will get whatever you want.

I have found this to be quite the contrary, even in the mega successful movie and book, “The Secret”. All good law of attraction trainings that I have spent time with suggest you NEED to still take action. So, anytime I train How to use the law of attraction I always do it with the notion that it doesn’t REPLACE action but it simply ADDS POWER to your actions that you should still be taking. Fair enough?

Simplicity: How to Use the Law of Attraction

It really can be broken down to three segments (in regards to your thinking)

1. Want. What do you want? Most people live mediocre lives because they are constantly talking about, giving energy and attention to the things they don’t want. Bills, Debt, Sickness, etc. Choose to focus your energy on all the things you do want.

2. Believe. Once you determine why you want what you want, believe that you should have it. Believe you are worthy and it is a good thing for you to have it. Many examples I can share in regards to this and how to use the law of attraction:
– Believe you are worthy of a great spouse because you are a great person
– Believe you deserve success in you business because your product, service or training is helpful to people
– Believe you are worthy of money as you will do great things with that money to help people and your family perhaps

3. Expect. This might be the hardest for most people. Expect that what you want is already here. Set your expectations to act as if you already possess the things you want most despite what your five senses tell you.

Video: Easy Exercise

I think you will like this video, I share an easy little exercise you can do to manifest more in your life and it teaches you the basics of how to use the law of attraction.

To Your Abundance!

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