The company “Silver International” announced their plans to shut their doors today. The Silver coin MLM or more appropriately, the Silver Bullion MLM built a solid base of representatives but their lack of structure and absence of an auto-ship program caused their demise. Silver International reps that are looking for an alternative are turning to a new kid on the block called Numis Network. Numis network deals in silver and gold assets and is a Silver Coin MLM but they do NOT deal in bullion. Combine that with the fact that the founders of Numis also own a software company that has been creating compensation plans for other network marketing companies for over 20 years and you have a pretty good structure for those interested in dealing in silver and gold coins. I have been involved with Numis for a couple months, am one of their top recruiters and just taught social media marketing at the national event in Tampa (see video here)

If you are at all interested in a real Silver Coin MLM, one with a strong compensation plan and auto-ship program that doesn’t simply charge a membership fee to overcharge on Silver bullion coins, watch this video here for the Silver Coin MLM.

This video shares more info on the closing of Silver International

Ray Higdon

Silver Coin MLM Builder