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Are your friends and family not supporting your network marketing business?

Here I share my honest thoughts on IF your friends and family should support you in your network marketing business.

Should Your Friends & Family Support Your Network Marketing Business?

Here are my thoughts around the warm market (friends & family) support.

So, a new network marketer comes in and they got aunts, uncles, neighbors, besties, and people they have coffee with all the time. They got all these people. They’re excited and they have these expectations that they should be supported.

“You all should support me because I’m doing this business and you all should support me. You all should buy my product, buy my service. You should join my opportunities. You should get on auto-ship for the rest of your life because you should really support me.”

There are a few things wrong with this.


When you have expectations for people, what can easily happen? Disappointment.

Disappointment is pre-planned. Think about that for a second…

Let’s say I want to run to the store and I want to get there in five minutes. When I pull out of my community, there’s a traffic accident and it’s backed up… I could become frustrated and disappointed.

Well, why?

Because I created an expectation. I pre-created something.

Have zero addiction to the outcome.

So, if I get in my car and I’m like, “Hey, I’m going to go to the store.”

And I have zero addiction to the outcome. I’m like, “Hey, I get there when I get there.” I pull out and there’s traffic, it’s like, “Oh cool, I’ll just listen to my audiobook a little bit more.”

By having expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

[mashtweet tweet=”By having expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.” quote=”By having expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.”]

Expectations include join.

I want them to join my opportunity because:

  • I helped them move into college.
  • I baked them brownies last week.
  • They were at the grocery store, they needed five extra bucks, I gave them five bucks.

I can’t even comprehend having an expectation of my friends.

Trying To Gain Acceptance

So, why do we need our family and friends’ acceptance or approval?

Did you go to them with your career?

“Hey, I’m thinking about being a veterinarian, and I just want to see your thoughts on it.”


You don’t NEED their acceptance.

And, having any expectations is just terrible.

This is the source of a lot of the stigma about network marketing.

So, should your friends and family support you?

The video below is an intense training on how to know IF you are deserving of their support.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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