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Should You Hire a Coach?


This post will help you, in a VERY straight forward manner, realize if it is time to hire a coach or not.

When Hiring a Coach is NOT the Next Step

This morning I went for my morning walk and yet again listened to parts of Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson. This is such a powerful resource for entrepreneurs and one I wish more people would listen to. He breaks down the steps needed at each step of the game, zero to a million in sales and upwards. He suggests, as I agree with, that IF you are not yet at a million in sales in your business you need to concentrate solely on SALES not planning, logistics, outsourcing, any of that stuff until you have a decent amount of sales going.

Now, in line with the above paragraph, I am gonna make a shocking suggestion to you, IF you are not getting regular sales in your business I am going to suggest it is NOT the right time to hire a coach. “To Help Motivate You” is the very worst reason to hire a coach, if you wanna make it as an entrepreneur, you better GET self-motivated or you are fighting a losing battle that no one outside of you can possibly help with. I know that may sound strange, but, I think if you don’t have it in you to push yourself to get some sales, I just don’t know if hiring a coach is going to change much. Could there be exceptions? Sure. My experience has been that those not getting sales would prefer to throw money at the problem and hire a coach just to delay what they most dread…making sales. So, my suggestion is before you spend a lot of money to hire a coach, figure out how to get sales first. To help with this you might want to register for my Free Webinar on Jan 1st at 8pm EST where I will be answering all your sales and marketing questions.

When SHOULD You Hire a Coach?

007 New Years Party Last Night!

007 New Years Party Last Night!

Someone asked me awhile ago when I hired a personal trainer why I did that as they thought I was already motivated. I answered, because I wanted results faster.

You should hire a coach when you have a specific area you want to grow and the person you are hiring has that. Too often I see people hire a coach simply to have one even though that coach barely has any better lifestyle than the client. Find someone who has the traits you want in yourself and in your business and lifestyle. This, again, does NOT mean to hire a coach because you lack motivation, if you lack motivation, get out of the game and work harder at your job, it’s OK, no one judges you as an employee. Hope it’s OK I shoot straight with you and if you are NOT ok with someone shooting straight with you, well, that is ANOTHER indication you don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Cheapest Way to Find a Mentor

Now, I am NOT suggesting that being cheap is the best option because it rarely is but if you do not have any sales, the cheapest way for you to find a mentor is to join a network marketing company with someone who you is willing to groom you and help you get to a level you want to be at. If you are in a network marketing company, chances are your upline is not terrible, you just never reach out to them. They don’t have time to call you daily and cheerlead you or wipe your behind but most uplines are willing to help their teams when they reach out to them. The biggest advantage of network marketing is you get the coaching and mentoring from someone who normally would not do it for you without you paying a hefty fee.

Wanna Crush it in this New Year?

Be sure to register for my free webinar here, here you will get to “rent-a-mentor” for about an hour or so and it’ll be jam packed with sales and marketing tips and advice all driven by YOUR questions.

To Your Abundance!

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