Should You Do Local Events For Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity?

With the advance of technology and the Internet, should you bother doing local events for your network marketing business opportunity? Can’t you pretty much do it all online without having to lug around a computer and possibly a projector? Is the usefullness of belly-to-belly presentations and meetings dead in network marketing?

As an Online marketer I get those questions often. I should make a correction though. I am an online marketer, but, I am also an offline marketer, I like to consider myself something of a hybrid. Some of you may have seen my page online called and perhaps you thought that meant I was against home meetings. That actually isn’t the case, that page shows an online way to get more leads and hence, for that page, I don’t do home meetings but that doesn’t mean I don’t do physical meetings for my network marketing business opportunity. Let’s examine why I think you are missing out on the biggest income piece of mlm if you are NOT doing any physical meetings.

Network Marketing, unlike Sales, is not Addition, it’s Multiplication

People ask me if network marketing is hard, I say yes, but, unlike a job or sales, it is something that you at least have the capacity to work very hard for a few years and get paid the rest of your life. Earlier in the year I did a blog on my buddy Dave who stopped working his network marketing business opportunity 22 years ago and still gets a nice monthly check from that company. As you can agree, that is not very likely from a job. Network marketing works well if you focus on helping others get paid (which, also gets YOU paid!).

Start Fires For Long-Term Growth

I like working backwards. If you have a big goal, act like you are where you want to be and then decide what that would look like and work your way there. What would a million dollar a year earner in a network marketing business opportunity look like? Better yet, what would their organization look like? I think it would look like concentrated fires around the globe. You would have pockets in certain cities where groups would gather and do presentations wouldn’t you? There has never been a network marketing company that did over a billion dollars that didn’t have physical meetings. But, groups have to start somewhere.

What if you are in an area where there are no Meetings?

Then definitely give up, quit and go home and cry to momma. Now, you KNOW that is not my REAL answer! My suggestion would be, lace up your boots, and START DOING THEM! Some think that it’s about having a superstar visit their town and that is what will make their team take off, which, is actually not true for two reasons. (1) Leaders will not want to visit places that do not have at least some momentum or growth in an area. I tell people in my team that once they have 20-30 on autoship in their area, I will come over to their area. (2) Meetings grow, not by chance, but by consistency. Consistently holding meetings and getting over the hump of when you are NOT having very many people show up, will reward you greatly, but, only if you stick with them.

Should I NOT use the Internet?

That is certainly not what I am saying at all. I use the Internet daily to prospect and invite people to meetings. However, understand that network marketing is a relationship business and the Internet is a great tool to create more relationships and prospect, however, if you want that closer connection, physical meetings will build a sense of community.

Why is Community important?

It is extremely important. Having a sense of community is a relief from all the negative crap out there in the world. That is one of the main reasons I prefer network marketing to jobs or having a stand-alone business. In corporate America, very few if  anyone is truly rooting for you. Why? Because they want to cover their own butts and worry about putting food on their table. Most believe in scarcity in that if you get the raise, they are missing out. Network marketing is a community where everyone wants everyone else to do better and actually truly work together to make that happen. You can be the newest person in the team and have direct access to the top income earner in the company, again, quite unlike corporate America.

Do Meetings in Your Area, if, You are Truly Hungry

Meetings have historically proven to be the most easily duplicated way of building a network marketing business opportunity. Now, some clever marketers have told us to NOT talk to our friends and family members and lose our friends, etc, but, here is what you really should understand. There are over 100,000 people that join a network marketing company per week. Every single one of them knew people, meaning, they were in SOMEONE’S warm market. And, they would have preferred to join with someone they knew than someone they didn’t. If you don’t want to talk to your warm market, don’t worry, someone else will 🙂

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