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Should You Bash Other
MLM Companies in Your Marketing?

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Yesterday I watched about ten minutes of a dude bashing another MLM company and thought to myself how dumb it was. Inside this short video learn why being negative can hurt you.

If you are curious what we are saying in the picture, watch the short video below!

Should You Talk Trash About Other MLM Companies? Is the Attention worth it?

So, I get it. The media does it, politicians do it, people do react and respond to negative talk. So is the attention you get from bashing other MLM companies worth it? I say no, it isn’t and it makes you look small.

I believe in this profession. It has changed my life and the lives of many people that I know. I believe as network marketers we need to be of a higher vibration when it comes to how we talk about MLM companies that we are not a part of, especially in all of our MLM marketing. I actually share in the video below two reasons why it very well could hurt you to talk bad about other MLM companies but I will also give you another reason not to…

You Never Know

This is a tighter knit community than you might think. You never know when a founder, leader or owner changes saddles and ends up in your upline, downline or as an owner of your company and the person that was in one of the MLM companies you were bashing, may just have the ability to make decisions about you and your career with your company. Someone very wise told me a long time ago:

“Be careful who’s toes you step on, they may be connected to the hand you have to shake later”

Negativity In Your MLM Marketing

I also don’t like targeting the word “scam” in regards to other MLM companies. This profession is legitimate, why add to ANY perception that it might be a scam? That is for the bottom feeders and I think ALL of us need to raise the level in our MLM marketing to STOP being negative in our videos or content in regards to other MLM companies.

Video: My Thoughts on Bashing Other MLM Companies

IF you are an American football fan, you probably laughed at the one bit. Even though we used some humor, it is still a powerful message. Let’s constantly raise the vibration and conversation level of this profession by NOT bashing other MLM companies. If you got value from this video, please share and comment below!

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