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Should People STILL Do MLM Home Meetings?


In the sixties, seventies and sometimes eighties (pre-Internet) companies suggested we do a lot of MLM home meetings. Should people still be doing them? Do they even work anymore?

Why do Uplines Suggest doing Home Meetings?

I have probably done around 1,000 home meetings in my network marketing career. I certainly have not done as many in the last couple as I did earlier on however, there was a time where I hated doing them and was totally burnt out on them.

The reasons your upline want you to do home meetings is they are the main weapon that almost every network marketing company has used to get the word out and build large organizations. I know that the sexiness of Internet laptop building is seductive but the truth is MOST people that SOLELY rely on the Internet, haven’t built massive organizations.

Three Powerful Components of Doing a Home Meeting

1. You get to connect better with your audience. Live events have changed my life and guess what, home meetings are mini live events. With so much hype and baloney online people don’t know what to believe anymore. What work from home business SHOULD they be doing? Having people attend a home meeting where they can look someone in the eye and shake their hand is very powerful.

2. Any top earner in any company I have ever interviewed or chatted with had help create TRIBES of people around the globe. Small geographic groups that were teams. How are you doing to do this other than creating a culture of getting together in person. It is a very difficult task to get people that NEVER meet together to show up to a big meeting but if people are trained to show up to meetings, they will certainly show up when the big show is in town.

3. Duplication. MOST of the people that show up to a home meeting also have a home. Remember, in network marketing you are NOT selling them a kit or product you are selling them on the idea that they can do it. When they see a home meeting, especially one where a DVD is played or something like that where it isn’t based on being some amazing speaker, they are more likely to believe they can do it.

Video: Suggestions in regards to running MLM Meetings

So in the video I mention being confident. What I really meant was that you should move forward with confidence and even if you are scared to death know that you are making a positive move for your business. Remember, I signed up at a home meeting, maybe the next top earner is waiting for YOU to invite them over =)

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