Marketing with Business Cards… a Network Marketing Tool?


I get this question a lot, as a network marketer, what type of business cards should I use? Or, should I even carry business cards? Well, I don’t agree with having the standard business card but I do believe there are ways to use them effectively, read on to see what I mean.

Why Most Business Cards Are a Waste of Money

There are a couple reasons why most business cards that MLM’ers carry are a waste of money.

1. Because they are not compelling and fit in with all the other business cards anyone has ever seen.

2. Because hardly anyone ever follows up.

You giving out business cards at meetings and hoping for someone to follow up with you is slightly less likely than winning on a scratch off lotto ticket. If you truly want to know how to work networking meetings, see this post ==>> How to work networking events. However, I have come up with a way to use business cards effectively…bribe them with something they actually want!

What to put on a MLM business card to increase its effectiveness

See this image? It is from a conversation I had with one of my leaders on the right type of business card. She recently attended a meetup full of small business owners and I suggested to make a network marketing business card that said: “Good for one free strategy session on how to get clients from Social Media”

So, instead of fitting in with everyone else, she was the buzz as it was different and what business owner doesn’t want to know how to get more clients with social media? Now, when these people follow up with her (which a small percentage will, hopefully she followed my advice and got their business card too), she will teach them a little bit about how to market on Facebook and then ask them if they would be open to a side project that didn’t interfere with what they are doing (our network marketing company). You like that? 🙂

Think Like a Marketer, Always

Marketing is not selling stuff, it is solving problems. Think about where you are going to network and what could possibly be the attendees biggest problems, and, work to solve them and show them you know more than them about solving problems. Most small business owners, in this meetup, are totally clueless about how to effectively use social media so this was a really easy one for her to do.

Hilarious Video About Business Cards

This is my favorite video of all time about business cards. Joel is a frigging wild man and he is so darn funny, check it out and have a good laugh!

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