Seven Relationship Tips,
EVEN Some Marriage Advice!


A lot of my blogs posts talk about making money but today you are getting my seven best relationship tips as money without good relations, is just no fun!

What are my Seven Relationship Tips?

1. Put significant other above you

2. Do nice things, be grateful if non-supportive

3. If angry at someone, figure out a way you can apologize (tough)

4. IF you apologize, don’t be addicted to the outcome

5. Understand that MOST people won’t remember your past deeds, work or help but YOU can remember

6. Drop entitlement

7. Be happy rather than right

Now, some of them you may wonder, huh? What the heck is he talking about? Well, I detail each one in the below video. I honestly believe that these relationship tips will help you no matter what type of relationship you have and even if things are a little rocky now.

Not Just Marriage Advice…

These relationship tips, and the examples I use in the video, are not just for marriage advice, it is for any relationship. Our lives and the level of happiness we have are congruent with the relationships we have with ourselves and with others. I hope this video helps you become happier!

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