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See the Future to
Develop Your Success Mindset


What does the future have to do with building a success mindset? Absolutely everything as you will learn in today’s post.

What is a Success Mindset?

A success mindset, in my opinion, is a set of mental considerations that will program someone to do the right actions toward their goals and have them weigh their actions accordingly.

You are unable to create success without having the right mindset so developing the right mental programming should be one of your top goals.

Constantly Seeing the Future

For each action (or inaction), see the future of your choice. You might understand this easier with some examples:

1. If you are NOT prospecting today, see the future ramifications that you simply may not ever build that business you so want. Now, what would that mean? It would mean spending more time throughout your life NOT doing the things you want to do, living a life that isn’t as grand as it could be and also setting an example to your friends, parents, kids and other family members that you are the type of person that does NOT stick to their plans. This might seem a little harsh but it’s geared to get you to TAKE the right actions even if through pain.

2. When you stare at a menu wondering what to order, consider the future of how you will feel AFTER you devour that high caloric meal versus how you will feel if you order something more sensible. The temptation to eat something bad for you is always less powerful than the way you feel afterwards knowing you failed your diet plan, added more weight to your frame and affected your energy levels in a negative manner.

3. As you approach bedtime, evaluate what actions you took toward your goals. What mindset training did you spend time on, how many people did you prospect and how much time did you put into your marketing training? If you are at the end of the day and have not done much or anything toward your goals and your success mindset, choose NOT to flip on the TV and instead read at least one chapter in a self-improvement book. Watch a 20-30 minute training on marketing or choose to open up a few conversations on social media seeking people open to your Network Marketing business.


Past and the Future Affect the Success Mindset

If you are even slightly away from your ideal life with your CURRENT RESULTS (notice I said results, NOT what you think your knowledge level is), then you can easily see the ramifications of NOT making the right choices is..that is, getting more of the same!

If you want something you have never had, you have to be willing to do things you have never done. You WILL have to fight off the reward of mediocrity (and yes, there is a reward).

Think of the above three examples and the reward of making the wrong choices…

In the first example, IF you never prospect anyone, you will never get rejected. That is a payoff that prevents your ego from ever getting bruised, understand that that even if you do NOT get a signup, you should feel better by prospecting as you are at least reaching for your goals.

In the second example you get to enjoy that yummy lava cake or huge hunk of red meat. That NEVER feels as good even minutes after the consumption as you would had you chosen higher energy foods.

And in the third example you get to relax and turn off your brain and enjoy some entertaining television. This may be the deadliest as there is not quick feeling of regret, just a look back on the years past and wondering where the time went and why you have not hit your goals.

Next time you are wondering what to do, develop that success mindset by working on your vision.

“Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you” – Michael Beckwith

Share this so that others can make better choices, if you surround yourself with people that make better choices, you will be raised up.

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