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If you want to sell more and get more reps, this will help.

Here I share the BIG secret of making A LOT of Sales in Network Marketing.

Secret Of Network Marketing Sales

Use The Tools

Charisma and just having a great personality is not very duplicatable in network marketing. Those are good things to have. But if you have charisma and a great personality, you STILL better use tools. If you don’t, you’re not gonna get much duplication.

Here’s an indication if you’re relying too much on your own personality, your own charisma:

If people tell you, “Aw, man. I can’t do what you do.”

That’s when you know, for sure, that you’re NOT using tools. You’re using charisma and personality.

I haven’t seen many trainers make that distinction between the two. Maybe you’ve been blessed with personality, charisma, and maybe you’re a great speaker, trainer, and motivator. But, if you don’t use tools, you’re actually handicapping the people that you’re prospecting. I would highly suggest get in the habit of using tools.

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What If You Don’t Have A Tool?

If you’re like, “Well, I don’t got a tool, Ray.”

Well, I would go to your upline. I would go to the company. See if there’s a tool that’s around that you’re not aware of. A tool based company is just smart.

Maybe, for some people a tool is a sample pack. Maybe it’s a demonstration of your product in some way, shape, or form. I’m just a huge fan of having duplicatable tools that anyone, regardless of charisma or personality, can point to.

One of the worst things for network marketing is person with super charisma, super personality, who doesn’t use any tools, just relies on their persuasion ability. They’ll recruit a crap load of people. But, they won’t get much duplication.

How To REALLY Sell

I’m gonna tell you a secret of sales. This is a very, very BIG secret. People not trained in marketing, they don’t understand this at all. Untrained network marketers, what do they do? They sell the thing.

So the thing is “Join my team” or “Buy my thing.”

“Join my team, join my team, join my team.” Or, it’s, “Buy one get one. It’s on sale. Buy this thing. This thing is awesome. You should buy this thing.”

Amateurs sell the thing. They’re trying to get you to buy the cream. They’re trying to get you to buy the shampoo, to buy the juice, to buy the Yum Yum shakes, to buy whatever. No judgment, but that’s what they do.

Most network marketers have never cracked open a marketing book or sales or psychology or persuasion or anything like that.

The great thing is, network marketing’s the lowest risk, lowest overhead way for you to become an entrepreneur. And, there is NO requirement of  you must have read X number of books on marketing, persuasion, sales, etc.

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So, most amateurs sell the thing, like “Join my team,” “Buy my shampoozies,” “Drink my Yum Yum shakes.”

We have our private community called Rank Makers, and we train this on a daily basis. Instead of selling the thing, sell the thing that sells the thing.

Now, what the heck does that mean? In the video below I go step by step on how make your product, service or opportunity irresistible to your prospect.

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